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I didn’t do much this weekend…

When asked this morning what I got up to at the weekend, I said that I didn’t get up to much. Then I thought about it, so in bullet form, this is what I did on the weekend… Went to … Continue reading

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On My Mind

This week my brain is taken up with the following things. The Hamilton Soundtrack. The first song I heard was ‘You’ll Be Back’ and without being told, I knew it was from Hamilton and I knew that it was supposed … Continue reading

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Cooking Every Day

I’ve been thinking about food and cooking recently. I’ve been watching, Back in Time for Dinner and it’s been really interesting.  Basically, a family has committed to spending 10 days in a decade from the 50’s onwards, eating, cooking and living as … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues

No week in review this week because, well honestly because I didn’t write it up and today is what Anne Shirley would describe as a ‘jonah day’ where everything goes slightly wrong.The blind fell off the wall, I spilled coffee … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

When I woke up this morning my knees and feet hurt and when I looked out the window, I realised why. It was raining. My weather predicting limbs are back! The weather cannot make up it’s mind, is it Spring … Continue reading

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Stuff right now.

1) I’m trying to adjust to real life after a week of sleeping as late as I like and doing what I want, having to get out of bed at 6am is tough, especially as it’s getting darker in the … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! ‘Happy’ November. This week has been a slog for me, I’m off to see Handbagged tonight and it better be good because I’m going all the way to Kilburn, North London is practically a foreign country! Tomorrow we’re … Continue reading

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