Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday!

Today is special for two reasons, I’m back at work this morning and it’s International Left Handers Day (I said it was special that did not necessarily mean it would be special to you!).

Yes, I’m left handed, as is my brother, it must come from my Grandad who was also left handed. No one else in the family is but I have hopes of the littlest nephew! Approximately 10% of the population is left handed, I’m technically cross dominant, I write with my left but I do a lot of other things with my right, which honestly I just thought was because I everything is built for right handed people and so I’ve learned to cope! Other fun dominant hand knowledge, populations of animals that are more co-operative are generally populations where handedness skews one way or another, in un-cooperative populations handedness is more likely to be 50-50. 

If the pictures on this post are looking a bit random, I’d like to introduce you to two of my current favourite things, poached egg on toast and homegrown tomatoes on bread with mayonnaise and basil.

So plans for this week? Mine are to get back into the work groove, my boss is on holiday for pretty much the rest of August, so I’m booked on a first aid course, Wednesday to Friday which as luck would have it is a five minute walk away from home. Three days of having to sort out emails, meetings etc before and after a first aid course is inconvenient but that’s more than made up for by not having to commute for three days! But other than that I want a really quite week, I’m quite peopled out right now and my introvert’s soul needs quiet time!

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