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Monday Miscellany: Off

Happy Monday! Last week was an odd week. I was not feeling it, on Wednesday morning I woke up not being able to see properly out of my left eye, that’s a migraine warning right there! I got through the … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Late…

Happy Friday! Week in Review: Clinging to reality under a post-truth government.  This is so interesting about what recent politics are doing to our political infrastructure but this is what really worries me… The British position seems to have involved … Continue reading

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What I Ate: Food, Cooking and Budgets Week One

Ok, week one of eight. Co-incidentally, last Thursday when I posted about having a food reset, for budget and planning and cooking, was also when I did the food shop. Ma and I went to Shefford for J’s birthday and … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: No time

We did no work on the allotment this weekend because we weren’t there! I went round on Saturday morning to pick and that was it. I have to confess it’s all looking a little bit ragged and there is work. … Continue reading

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Self Care for Season Affective Disorder

September is not my favourite month, even on its warmer days, there’s a chill in the morning and evenings and over the course of the month we lose two hours of daylight. Which for people like me who are seasonally … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: A Four Year Old in the Family

Happy Monday! People it has been a week! I’ve had a low, level annoying virus, sore throat, slightly snotty and very tired. It’s not been enough to be off work, just enough to annoy me! I have a new role … Continue reading

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Friday Links: 100% failure rate

Happy Friday! It’s been quite a week for news… Britain’s Political Chaos Shows Everything Is Okay. Last week, my friend Kathy, who grew up in a country with an actual written constitution, was arguing about how dangerous Boris was because … Continue reading

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