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Friday Links: It’s a horrible mess all over

Happy Friday! I took some time off because I was in a slump (yes they are coming more frequently, I’m perimenopausal and look at the state of the world, of course it’s harder to be cheerful and motivated!) and when … Continue reading

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Oddbox and Potato Crust Quiche

Because the allotment isn’t producing a lot at the moment (we’re getting rhubarb and not much else) I decided to try Oddbox. Yes, it’s part of my drive to be a bit more sustainable because this produce would be thrown … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Not As Expected

On Saturday, despite some disappointments (lack of wood and compost) we were rearing and ready to get to the plot. Then Mum’s knee went out from under her, it’s a thing, it’s happened before and she was not happy about … Continue reading

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Lotion Bars

It’s been mentioned a couple of times but I’m on a quest to reduce my rubbish, I’ve switched to soap but one of the places that I can make a change with is moisturiser and hand cream. I have really … Continue reading

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