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How the hell did that happen?

Ryan is 27. I’ve known Ryan since he was born and babysat him since I was 16 and he was 4. Now he’s 27. I feel old. This is what my parents friends thought and said when I got to … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

This is the solution to 2 ‘problems’. Problem one, I have grenadine to use up. Problem two, I have several bottles of smoky peaty whisky. They are First World problems that are really problems at all. The grenadine makes a … Continue reading

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When I was about 14 I read a book (actually I read lots of books, all I did was read, and I spent so much time in the library I got offered a job!) My reading taste was broad and … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

It’s Monday, it’s January and I don’t know about anyone else, but I need all the cheesy, motivational inspiration I can get, this work week is going to be interesting.. So this weel I will be mostly concentrating on these … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time in the car with Mum, and it was a Mario Lanza day. Ma loves Mario Lanza, something she gets from her father. In a sort of musical Stockholm syndrome, I don’t hate … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

If you don’t like Bloody Mary’s (and I don’t) the marmalade cocktail is the answer. For Christmas Michael bought me the Hawksmoor at Home cookbook. On principle alone,  I was ready to love a cookbook that features so much beef … Continue reading

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Not big, not clever and mummy doesn’t do it…

Shit bartenders say (from well…all over the place – mostly Twitter)

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Little things

Loads to do at work, I’ve been getting out of the house at 7am to get to work at 8am. It needs to be done but January mornings are dark and today wet. So when the train arrives and it’s … Continue reading

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Now that the novelty of being back at work has worn off and the need to be at my desk by 8am has kicked in, I’m struggling with breakfast. I know that I need to eat it, I know it’s … Continue reading

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Top tip

Eternal spring onions. I can’t claim any credit for this one. It comes from Back to Her Roots. Cut them, put the bottoms in water and they just keep growing. Having them on the side ensures that I use them … Continue reading

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