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What I did this weekend…

Bought these. Drank this. Made this. And this. Had lunch with them. Met her. I also got a haircut, spent time with my mum, started a new book. Pretty good weekend..

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Exercise and mood control

I’ve been running quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.  The Nike+ app tells me it’s been 46.76km since I started (except there have been 3 runs that didn’t get logged due to ‘spotty’ GPS, which is Nike … Continue reading

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I don’t buy bread. Actually not strictly true, I do buy bread, baguettes for putting cheese on when people come to dinner.  What I don’t buy is everyday bread, you know the normal bread that people use to make sandwiches … Continue reading

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Jonah Day

Anne Shirley used to have ‘jonah days’, where nothing quite went right. I had one of those days yesterday. Allow me to list the ways that yesterday sucked.. 1. I smashed my cafetiere before I made my coffee 2. I … Continue reading

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Daddy Issues..

My Dad has been on mind over the last couple of weeks. It’s coming up to 10 years since he died.  My relationship with my Dad was difficult and I’ve probably spent the last 20 years coming to terms with … Continue reading

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These are in my fireplace in the living room.  According to a recent visitor, they are very artistic.  When I first moved into this flat, I used to put lilies there (lilies are my favourite flowers, if you’re ever tempted … Continue reading

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Grace Weekend away

Every year, Grace goes away for the weekend.  It’s partly social, a chance to be together without the pressure of service planning, it’s also a chance for us to reflect on the past year, to think about the things we … Continue reading

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Thursday night at the OXO Tower Bar, unplanned but fun, Christelle and I met for a catch up and she works near the OXO.  We thought that we’d go for one and enjoy the view for a bit… I drank … Continue reading

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Ordinary Beautiful Things

I love my flat. One of the reasons that I love my flat, is that it’s full of things I love. Things I’ve been given, that have meaning for lots of different reasons.  I’ve been thinking about those things recently … Continue reading

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As I’m sure everyone who knows me is aware, I love being an aunt. Oliver is a great kid and I am amazed that Ben and Laura trust me to watch him when they are doing stuff but always delighted … Continue reading

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