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The 4th and last castle of the holiday. I will write a lot more about the castles later but for mow I’m going to enjoy the last night of my holiday!

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Warkworth Castle

We walked to Warkworth today and visited our first castle of the holiday! I reckon we’ll manage at least 2 others before Middleham. Tomorrow, Holy Island…

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Growing Up

I’ve mentioned it about a million times in the last couple of weeks, Tina and Charles moved yesterday. I helped. As a result, I have 6 bruises and am quite tired. It was hard work but I didn’t lose any … Continue reading

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Started in the Kitchen

This week in the middle of helping T & C move, I gained some plants and a cupboard! I’ve been looking for a freestanding cupboard to replace the trolley for a while. The trolley has been great but there is … Continue reading

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Old labels

wish I had had time this week to take photos of the very ancient labels on things we’ve been clearing… This was my favorite so I did get a photo

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Life Neutral

I saw this via Samuel West’s twitter feed Life Neutral Seems to sum up everything wrong about this industry and government support of it.  

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Sunday Music

I’m going on holiday next week and it involves a 6 hour drive (London to just past Newcastle!) so I’m making CD’s, that will please me and my mother. This is harder than you think, especially in light of Mum’s … Continue reading

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