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The 4th and last castle of the holiday. I will write a lot more about the castles later but for mow I’m going to enjoy the last night of my holiday!

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Warkworth Castle

We walked to Warkworth today and visited our first castle of the holiday! I reckon we’ll manage at least 2 others before Middleham. Tomorrow, Holy Island…

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Growing Up

I’ve mentioned it about a million times in the last couple of weeks, Tina and Charles moved yesterday. I helped. As a result, I have 6 bruises and am quite tired. It was hard work but I didn’t lose any … Continue reading

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Started in the Kitchen

This week in the middle of helping T & C move, I gained some plants and a cupboard! I’ve been looking for a freestanding cupboard to replace the trolley for a while. The trolley has been great but there is … Continue reading

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Old labels

wish I had had time this week to take photos of the very ancient labels on things we’ve been clearing… This was my favorite so I did get a photo

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Life Neutral

I saw this via Samuel West’s twitter feed Life Neutral Seems to sum up everything wrong about this industry and government support of it.  

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Sunday Music

I’m going on holiday next week and it involves a 6 hour drive (London to just past Newcastle!) so I’m making CD’s, that will please me and my mother. This is harder than you think, especially in light of Mum’s … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

Friday Night Cocktail should have been coming to you from the OXO Tower, but Ma wasn’t feeling up to it and we cancelled. This leaves me home wondering what to eat and drink. Back in August I made some cherry … Continue reading

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Random Things

1) Pictures from my sister-in-law (or how cute is this boy!) 2) Tonight Ma is taking me for cheeky cocktails (how amazing is my mother) 3) Only another week and I’m going away to Northumbria. Expect more photos like this … Continue reading

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I’m not much for changing recipes to make them healthier. I am all for changing recipes to suit how I live though. I very rarely have milk (horrible stuff) in the house, so recipes requiring milk either don’t get made … Continue reading

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