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The York trip was one of those brilliant ideas Ma and I have sometimes. She was driving to Scotland for a holiday and said that she was thinking of breaking the journey and from there a plan evolved. I’d come … Continue reading

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Cold Cures

I feel that I get more than my fair share of colds but apparently the average adult gets two to four a year and it’s been two and half months since I had the last one. Mind you that lasted … Continue reading

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The Annual Cold

I’ve been full of cold over the last two weekends and it seems as though it’s going to last into Christmas.This cold seems to have bought it’s friend, hacking cough, along too. Any of you that have been following along … Continue reading

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My immune system is basically worthless

I have another cold. I thought I was doing fine, I would work through it, sleep, take the drugs, and it’d be over in a couple of days. You know what that was folks? Hubris. I spent yesterday in bed, throat … Continue reading

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The New Normal

Last week, I started to wear trainers on both feet. I was hoping that it would be time to say goodbye to the special boot, sock and crutch!I didn’t expect that it would take so long to recover from the osteotomy … Continue reading

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The Cough of Doom

My immune system must be in actual bits because I’ve caught something (again) and all I’ve done over the last couple of days is cough and cough and cough and cough….It’s not been a fun and happy time, I carry … Continue reading

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The Cold that will not die and other things I’m not happy about…

Ok it’s official, this cold will not go away…I’m now on the third week of feeling grotty. I have a sore chest, coughing fits and am bunged up, in fact at night when I turn over, I’m woken up by … Continue reading

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