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Goals 2017 – January Review/February Set

We are through the first month of 2017, which as usual was a never ending slog of a month. However, like all things, January also passed and it’s time to recap January goals and plan for February… It’s fair to … Continue reading

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January in pictures – Part Two

I’m still working on taking photos and trying to take at least one a day. Fireplace stones. 12 January. Christina wrote a piece about stone collecting. She tells me that I’m doing it wrong because my stones are touching. I … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday!  We’ll start with the ‘oh my goodness, what have Trump/May/ politicians done today to muck up the world we live in’ links and then go to other interesting things…. There is no such thing as alternative facts, facts … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cookies in a Jar

One of Oli’s Christmas presents this year was a jar of ingredients for making cookies. I also made up a jar each for the Baxter’s because they both seem to enjoy cooking too and I figured that during the Christmas … Continue reading

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Food Prep for lazy people

I had another (the fourth in 4 months!) cold last week, which left me I was tired and snotty this weekend. It’s also the last week of the month, payday is on Friday, and there’s a lot of food hanging … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m tempted to spend the day singing ‘It’s the end of the world’ however, I shall try and maintain a positive attitude despite the fact that an orange maniac is about to take office in the US and … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Planning for the spring

I haven’t been to the allotment yet this year! Every weekend we make plans to go, it pours down with rain and that stops play. Last time I was there it looked pretty bleak. The raspberries have all died back, … Continue reading

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Think Cheerful Thoughts

It’s Blue Monday, the unhappiest day of the year. Apparently 2017 blue Monday is set to be the unhappiest yet due to a combination of Brexit uncertainty, Trump’s becoming President at the end of the week and miserable weather adding … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Whiskey and You

Last Friday would have been my parents 44th wedding anniversary, I feel I ought to mark the occasion in some way (I don’t really know why either but go with me on this) Sunday Music has featured the song that most … Continue reading

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