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Monday Miscellany: Cheese for your needs

Happy Monday!I had a lovely Christmas week, Christmas Eve we decorated the tree, Christmas Day we went up to Shefford and had a lovely time, there was food, drink, fun. Once the littlest nephew was in bed, we played bingo. … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Quiet

It’s the time between Christmas and New Year where things that happen don’t get reported much and I don’t read newspapers much. So these links are from before Christmas and I’ll get to the mess that this week unleashed on … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: A Year in Pictures

This is really to remind myself that we did loads and that spring will come again… JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay June July August September October November December

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Oh Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas! As is traditional, we put the tree up last night…

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Monday Miscellany: The Night Before Christmas

It’s Monday and it’s Christmas Eve, so it’s almost over! I’m working from home today, which means that I’ll get to listen to Carols from Kings which is when I actually start to feel that it’s really Christmas because at that … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Blue Christmas – Willie Nelson

I was all set to do Blue Christmas by Elvis but realised that I’d already done it. (go and have a listen!) I stand by my assessment that it’s the best version but I’m also quite fond of the Willie Nelson … Continue reading

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Recommendations: Lavender Bath Salts

I’ve written before about how useful a daily bath has been in my quest for better sleep and easier mornings. I went from bath oil to epsom salts. There are lots of bath salts recipes on the internet, this one … Continue reading

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Friday Links: All I want for Christmas is another referendum…

I missed links last week mostly because I was busy but also because the news at the moment is not to put to fine a point on it, bonkers and depressing…So extra links next week as there is a possibility … Continue reading

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It’s 5 days to Christmas. If you’re panicking because you’re not gift ready for Christmas, first don’t panic! Here are a couple of quick ideas.. Or my go to biscuits or cheese stars Or salt dough decorations or fudge…

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Allotment Adventures: Catching Up

So I missed this last week and I’m getting hassle about being slack, so time for a plot catch up. This is easy to do because we didn’t go to the plot this weekend due to the weather. Saturday was … Continue reading

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