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November Happy – Weeks 2, 3 and 4

I’ve missed the last few weeks, I saw someone describe themselves as ‘feeling like a phone who’s battery is never above 10%’ and it was the best description of how I’ve felt this month, but I’m rallying… 3rd – A … Continue reading

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November Happy

2020 has been a horrible year. November is my least favourite month in the year and to add to the suck, this November I’ll be in lockdown. So I’m bringing back the November Thankful/Happy habit. Every week, I will list … Continue reading

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Going Home

Today we’ll be mostly in the car, for the 350-ish mile drive home. As ever, I’m sad to leave but happy to be going home. It’s been a different holiday from usual but I really needed the break and although … Continue reading

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Today are the elections for the EU Parliament and so it’s time for another post on why voting matters and why you should do it and more importantly (this is my blog after all!) why I’m going to vote even … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Marks and Spencer Tanning Drops

I am a pale person, I’m also a pale person with a horror of burning in the sun and although this summer I’m probably the most tanned I’ve ever been thanks to hours on the allotment, I’m not that tanned. … Continue reading

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Francis Thomas Harold Hull

Today marks 20 years since my Grandad died. Which means it’s been a bit more than that since he walked me through his bread pudding recipe. I write about my Grandad a lot, because as I get older, I’ve realised … Continue reading

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Today would be my Grandad’s 103rd birthday, which means that it’s been just under 20 years since he died. I loved my Grandad, he was a good grandparent in the best sense, I know that one day Oli and Joe … Continue reading

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The Grind

We are just past the middle of February, it’s getting lighter in the mornings, the weather is an improvement on the weekend but I have to be honest, I’m not feeling it. I’m tired and mostly grumpy, even though I … Continue reading

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Thankful 2015 – Week 5

This week I’m back to a straight list. The NHS Ma, who is always great but has gone above and beyond in the last 5 weeks Ben, for taking me to the hospital Oli, who took one look at me … Continue reading

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Thankful 2015 – Week 4

While I’ve been indoors with the recovering foot, Autumn happened. Leaves are off the trees and on the pavement, sunset is at just past 4pm and they are predicting sleet and snow showers for Saturday. I’ve written a lot about … Continue reading

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