Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! Welcome to the week…

Today is the anniversary of Waterloo, which means that Ma and I will be whatsapping the key moments of the battle…it’s our thing…

The French

Last week, I learnt that the Isle of Man has two extra May Holidays a year, so that from May to August, they have a Bank Holiday a month. The question is, is it worth living on the Isle of Man to get the extra days off?

Adjusting to a new commute and workplace has been harder than I expected. For a start, it’s earlier, so I’ve been up and out of the house between 7 and 7:30 every morning and at my desk for 8:30 (mostly because we hot desk and this is the only way to get one!), you’ll have seen it on the blog and I’ve seen it in the state of my house!

I managed to reset the flat this weekend but my goal for this week, I want to work on getting out for a walk at lunchtime and making sure that I’m prepared for each day before bedtime. This week I do have a morning that starts at 5:30 and trip to Hampshire for a team activity day so lots of rest is going to help too…

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Sunday Music

The World Cup started on Thursday. So this is topical and funny (full disclosure I know Harry’s mum and dad!)


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Friday Links

Happy Friday! I am so pleased to get to Friday

There was a lot happening this week….let’s start with the orange nightmare

The G7 photo, broken down…Trump, Merkel, Macron: the G7 photos worth a thousand words

Then North Korea.

Trump really has achieved a historic breakthrough – for the Kim dynasty

The Message From Singapore: If You Want America’s Respect, Get Yourself Some Nukes

Not even going with the rest because at home with have Theresa

PM on Grenfell: I do not know why official help took so long to come. Take a stab at it dear…she’s supposed to be running the country…

The blame game is obscuring the real truth of Grenfell

Football Christmas is here! if you don’t like football, I’m sorry for you, it’s going to be hell…

When Brands Use Plus-Size Models and Don’t Make Plus-Size Clothes



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Allotment Adventures: Visitors and Hard Work

After our gin fuelled adventures on Saturday, Ma and I were up early and on the plot by 10am. There was lots to do. Ma started by picking broad beans and I started weeding at the top of the plot.That done, I watered and added more compost to the big squash bed. The squash bed was covered with ‘loves lies bleeding’ which needed to go so transplanted them to two of the circular beds. In the third bed, I set up some canes and planted some runner beans.Then we had visitors.Fred was very confused and excited. We sent them home with rhubarb and broad beans and salad and spinach and tomato and basil plants! Then we got back to work. We put mot compost down in the tomato bed that it not doing well, weeded and watered all the other beds.Then we harvested. Raspberries, strawberries, beetroot, spinach, salad.I was impressed. Peas won’t be that far behindI also sowed another bucket of radishes, and planted out the basil in the tomato beds and the last three tomato plants in a bucket. The courgettes have their first flower, they are behind but hey I’m just pleased they’re alive!

On the list for next week.

  • More weeding
  • Cut the grass
  • Sow more coriander and parsley
  • Sow more salad and beetroot in the cleared bed
  • Sow chard and kale (yes I’m well behind)
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Monday Miscellany

Monday has come around far too soon but it’s here and whining about it is going to help no-one, I have a feeling that this week is going to need a whole lot of coffee.

Visitors to the UK who were listening to Radio 4 at 7am on the weekend, may now be under the impression that in the UK we play the National Anthem everyday. We don’t. They play the National Anthem on the Queen’s Birthday, the Queen’s Official Birthday (yes she has two, no I have no idea why!), the Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday and the Prince of Wales birthday.  Two of those things, the Queen’s Official Birthday and the DoE’s birthday, this year fell one day after the other. Which is a very effective of getting me out of bed at 7am on a Saturday morning.

Junipalooza was fun, it was interesting to do it with Sarah and Ryan, I bought a lot of gin.

My weekend was all about gin and the allotment. Fred and Sarah came for a visit. Fred was a very excited dog

This Thursday, is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year (every four years), yes it’s the World Cup, football madness begins and I for one am very much looking forward to it. If you don’t like football, that’s ok but I do and I may talk about it.This week, I had a total wardrobe malfunction, skirt ripped all the way up the back. Thank goodness for long cardigans.

This week, is another week about keeping it all together. Work, home, steps, watering, sleep and laundry….it’s living life on the bleeding edge.

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Sunday Music

This seemed appropriate for a weekend that contained the Queen’s official birthday and World Gin day.



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World Gin Day

I had a really fun conversation last night at work drinks. One of the guys was telling me that World Gin Day was completely made up. Well yes, all such things are, I said that I knew this because it was ‘run’ by someone I know (by know I mean met a couple of times and follow on social media!) the delightful Emma, aka Gin Monkey

He then told me about the made upness of today’s gin celebrations. Yes, someone, mansplained WGD to me! As I did last year, I am ‘celebrating’ World Gin Day by going to Junipalooza. This year with Ma, Sarah and Ryan but if you’re not sure how to celebrate, Monkey has you covered

Today is the Queen’s official birthday, so if nothing else, try a gin and dubonet

I would suggest that you start some fruit gins, make a martini, or any other gin cocktail you fancy, here are a few suggestions.

Have a good day, don’t drink too much!

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