Allotment Adventures: Catching Up

So I missed this last week and I’m getting hassle about being slack, so time for a plot catch up. This is easy to do because we didn’t go to the plot this weekend due to the weather. Saturday was windy and rainy and so we had a rest.

The week before though we were busy because there was lots of weeding to do. Not in the beds, which were fine but around the edges of the plot which was looking a bit messy

Then we discovered the pile of woodchip and I decided that we should put some more at the top of the plot. This is for several reasons, the soil up there has been exposed for a while and needs some love, it looks better and the warm autumn has meant that the bulbs and rhubarb think it’s spring and are putting their heads ups which won’t be good if there’s a frost. So after we weeded, we mulched.I also decided that it was time to sort the ‘path’ by the shed. We have decided that we need to abandon the hillbilly patio because the pallets haven’t survived the weather that well so we’ll just use pavers and find something else to do with the pallets.We also had winter inspection of the plots and passed. I still get nervous but I also know that do have a very tidy plot and even the bits that need work are in pretty tidy in comparison to other plots despite my rogue self seeding coriander.We are at the part of the year where not much is happening and we start to plan. Ma and I did talk about the problem of the raspberries. They take up so much space and really mess with moving around the plot. Joe plants in rows and that doesn’t really work if you have repurposed the plot for raised beds. They also feature the last of the pipes on the plot which are rusty and really need to come up.

So I’m sort of thinking that we dig them all up and make two bigger beds for other things, we would then replant some of them in one of the long beds at the bottom of the plot and use one of the other long beds for autumn raspberries. I’m going to look at moving some of them over the next couple of months doing the digging up and making new beds later in the  summer, it really depends on the kind of winter and spring we have…

On the slate for next week is buying more compost and finish closing all the fallow beds…but if the weather is foul, all bets are off.

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Monday Miscellany: A funeral, the nephews and a perfect hair day

This week felt busy even though it wasn’t actually all that busy.

There was the work Christmas lunch, which went longer than expected and featured my first and last jaeger bomb Then after three pretty frantic days at work on Thursday I had perfect hair and a funeral to attend. I’m not really going to document the funeral but check out the hair!Then Friday, was time with the nephews, the little was his usual charming, mad self and the big one was great fun but tired and unable to cope with his total defeat at Uno (Grandma takes no prisoners!)Ma and I did some stuff for Christmas (booze, some food) in the foul weather and then it was a quiet weekend featuring me breaking out in hives (I think I needed to do nothing all day, which I did!)

This week is a full week at work and I’m expecting it to be busy, I have a ton of Christmas things to do and then Christmas week.


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Sunday Music: Get Behind Me, Santa – Sufjan Stevens

Every year I buy another bunch of Christmas music because I am a sucker and two weeks worth of Christmas music clearly isn’t enough. This year it was Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas.

This is on it, and I like it.

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Recommendations: Blanquette de Limoux

It’s Christmas and most of the country is drinking it’s weight in prosecco! I have drunk a fair bit in my time but it’s not my first choice of fizz. I tend to pick a crémant or a cava because they are less sweet and flabby than prosecco.

Therefore it was time for a fizz recommendation!

The Blanquette de Limoux from Tesco (because the Tesco Metro is my nearest shop!) is a favourite in my house and is £8 a bottle right now.

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Monday Miscellany: Birthdays, Flu Jabs, Haircuts and Sarah’s Christmas Trees

Happy Monday!

Well last week was an easy work week (1.5 days at work) and this week is going the same way (3 days in the office but one Christmas lunch..), I’m going to a funeral on Thursday and Ma and I have the boys on Friday, so busy but I am greatly looking forward to not having to get up in the dark. About this time of year my natural ‘get out of bed time’ is about 8am so getting up at 6am is like waking up in the middle of the night!Last week, was a good week and I think I’m feeling the benefit because even though I had quite the reaction to my flu jab and it was a busy weekend, it’s the first time in ages that I feel I had rest and prep time. I got a haircut, we had a good morning on the allotment, I did a load of housework (cleaned the oven AND hoovered!), I got a walk with Sarah and Fred (and she has ALL the Christmas trees up – pictures in this post!) and I’m a little bit more ready for Christmas. I also made a things to do before Christmas list so am feeling much less miserable and sharper and ready for the week. So plans for this week are pretty simple, work, home, yoga, sleep and do all of them well. What are your plans?


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Sunday Music: Baby It’s Cold Outside – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

More Christmas music. I love this song. I don’t want to have a conversation about it being  ‘rapey’ because I’ve always read it as the girl wanting to stay and wanting to be persuaded, so if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

I do like it and I like this version from what is probably my favourite Christmas music album…

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Recommendations: Rootbeer

The first McDonalds opened in the UK in 1974, the one in Fulham opened sometime in the 70’s and as far I was concerned the best thing about it was the root beer, I was very upset in 1993 when they stopped selling it. I don’t eat much McDonald’s nowadays but you can bet if they re-introduced root beer that I would be there like a shot.

I know that some people think it tastes like mouthwash, but I find it delicious and it’s my favourite soft drink. Due to some EU legislation about preservatives, most root beer sold in the States can’t be imported. It was hard enough to get hold of before so nowadays, I make do with the Soda Folk root beer when I can get it and Virgil’s which is sold in Tesco’s US food section. It’s ridiculously expensive (about the same price as a bottle of beer) so it’s an occasional treat but a lovely one.

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