Friday Links: It’s just embarrassing now….

Happy Friday!

I would like to talk more about stuff but it has been a week and I am tired……of everything but most of all about the Brexit fiasco! So this is a short and sweet set of links, most of them not about events or politics….

Right-wing Australian senator blames ‘immigration’ for New Zealand mosque attacks. Wow….I’ve read the full statement and if the people that elected him aren’t ashamed, they should be…

The problem is not so much Theresa May – it’s that Britain is now ungovernable

Nigel Farage is not a friend to the people of Sunderland. This.

Holy fudge: soft foods helped humans form ‘f’ and ‘v’ sounds – study

How The Very Hungry Caterpillar Became a Classic. First book I bought Oli (the second was The Tiger Who Came to Tea!)

Move over, McDonald’s: French taco poised for global expansion

‘Maths anxiety’ causing fear and despair in children as young as six This is pretty much me and I am surrounded by a family of maths whizzes (my nephews were better at counting than speaking as toddlers), it’s torture!

Now, if I am presented with any kind of arithmetic, I am involuntarily gripped with panic and fear. A veil comes down, and my brain stops working. It is exactly the same sensation I would have at school, trying to understand quadratic equations but just not being given the time and attention needed to do so.

‘No one likes us’ is a millstone for Millwall and those who do care. I went to a lot of football matches when I was little. Both of my parents were great believers in staying until the bitter end (and as they were QPR fans the end was often bitter!) but Grandad took us to Fulham and he was a stay to the end chap as well. So when I tell you that the only time I ever left a match before the referee’s whistle was QPR vs Millwall. Ben has been to Millwall since and I know that the club does a lot of work in the community but it’s sad that the Everton/Millwall match has renewed their bad reputation….

David Squires on … the 50th anniversary of Swindon’s greatest moment in sport

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Allotment Adventures: Lazy Weekend

This was another week of doing very little and it was still a bit too windy for comfort. We walked to the plot, emptied food scraps into the compost bin and coffee grounds onto the blueberries, chatted to my plot neighbour about the where another of our plot neigbours was because we hadn’t seen him. Bought some compost and bird food and made sure that the bird feeders were topped up.

We didn’t do much else because honestly the weather wasn’t good and there isn’t an awful lot to do. Weather permitting, next week we’ll sow or plant something.

Meanwhile, the celery came up.

And the potatoes are chitting away

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Monday Miscellany:

Happy Monday!

Last week felt much longer than it actually was, this is because I had a cold. I really hate having colds. I still have a sore throat but am mostly much better, six years ago, I caught a cold that wouldn’t die and it turned out it was bronchitis. That started a run of colds that turned into something else usually featuring a hacking cough and ultimately lead to an adult asthma diagnosis. Things have been much better but when I catch a cold, I always worry that it’s going to linger and not just be a cold!

Although cold filled, the rest of the week was pretty good. I worked from home so the plumber could change the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom, my poor landlord is coming to terms with the fact that the kitchen is in dire need of replacement. It wasn’t looking great when I moved in and it’s been 10 years, I’m worried that my rent is increasing this year (along with my energy bills, my council tax, my water bill, my broadband and my mobile phone bills).

So the good news is that I got a bonus and a small pay rise. I wasn’t expecting either so I’m made up.

I’m coping well with my Lent resolutions, I’ve not eaten crisps, sweets or chocolate although I did make a small exception this week for cough sweets to prevent coughing on the tube and in the office. This week the food bank donations were tinned veg and Smash. I always buy things on the list, having sorted out approximately 4,000 packets of pasta, I buy what they are asking for, no food bank is ever short of baked beans!

This week is work, I’m learning something new, which is both daunting and fun for my brain and we have an all department function on Thursday afternoon. Outside of work cinema on Wednesday night (Captain Marvel) and Sarah is staying on Thursday night!

I’m determined it will be a good week, let’s see if I manage it!!

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Sunday Music: Danny Boy – The Muppets

It’s St Patrick’s Day and while I’m mostly allergic to most of the ‘paddywackery’ that goes on, I will put aside my objections for whiskey (this year – Jamesons Caskmates Stout Edition) and the Muppets….

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Friday Links: Zombie Prime Minister

Happy Friday!

I woke up this morning to the news of a massacre in New Zealand, which is horrific. The Brexit car crash continues on and I honestly think that the only things to do is have a referendum on the choices because Parliament can’t work this one out. Anyway, here are some links for this week, apologies for how grim they are!

As the losses take their toll, May is now a leader in name only

Even cabinet unity is a distant memory. Something Philip Hammond made no attempt to conceal during his spring statement. Normally these occasions are red letter days in parliament, but with the general level of clusterfuckery at Defcon 1 this was a total non-event.

Hypnotised by cake and unicorns, the Brexit perfectionists have blown it

Don’t Expect Theresa May to Put Country Over Party

The Most Absurd Details From the College Admissions Scandal Indictment

Will Bibles designed for the Instagram generation get millennials into religion? So £60-ish for a hardback and £30-ish for a paperback. The Bible in a consumerist world….

Chimpanzees Are Going Through a Tragic Loss

The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day

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Allotment Adventures: Windy

I had grand plans for the weekend on the plot but honestly it was too windy, things were zooming across the plot. But we now have all three beds in, if not filled.I cut the verbena back but decided to leave the rosemary until next month. We harvested kale, leeks and chard and got very excited about the new leaves/buds on the gooseberries, raspberries, plum tree, blueberries and rhubarb.

I had my usual March/April envy of Dennis’ rhubarb (which he doesn’t even like!)Hopefully over the next two weeks, the weather will co-operate and we’ll get more done.

  • Build new bed
  • Sow celery, leeks, sweet peas and beetroot (indoors to go into cloche once up and growing!)
  • Trim the rosemary and verbena bonariesis
  • Have a bonfire
  • Sow peas, spring onions, carrots and parsley (outdoors later in March)
  • Tidy edges of the plot – nearly there
  • Grease bands on the plum tree
  • Paint the shed inside and out
  • Plant up the walking onions
  • Plant potatoes in sacks (mid month)
  • Sort out a water but
  • Fill all the new beds with compost
  • Dig up lemon balm and put in pot

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Monday Miscellany: Another cold

Happy Monday!

Last Thursday, I went down to Southampton for a team building day at FareShare. It was fun and one of my colleagues, who lives near my mum, gave me a lift down. He had a cold and on Saturday night, I realised that I had a cold too!

I’m not impressed with my immune system. In fact given that on Tuesday night I had a PMT migraine and right now have a spotty hormonal chin, I’m just over my body full stop. I’ve also given up sweets, chocolate and crisps for Lent and whilst technically I can eat those things on a Sunday, I’m not but I can’t really be arsed to cook either!

So apart from feeling dreadful, this week, I’m all about getting by and early nights. On Tuesday I’m going to see Captain Marvel but other than than, I’m drink Night Nurse and trying not to sneeze or cough on anyone!

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