Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week, complicated by having another cold and work Christmas functions, I’m working from home today which is great but I will probably need a nap later on!  Here are this week’s links…

Does the Lib Dem win in Richmond Park mark a turning of the tide?

When people talk about rape culture. This is what they are talking about

Now is the time to talk about what we are talking about?

The post-truth world of Trump.

The Carrier deal is bad for America. The Carrier deal is corporate socialism. It’s the deal the UK Govt did with Nissan, it’s paying for the banks, it’s letting Amazon and Apple and Starbucks avoid tax. Corporations get supported while the unemployed get demonised.

Happier things…

Yes, 2016 was jinxed by karmic voodoo, but I never thought I’d live to see it. This is lovely…

My friend Jenny’s book is out in 2017. You should go and pre-order it now!

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Food and Budget Update: 26/11 to 02/12/2016

Oh it was a bad week for food. I was tired and cooking was a chore.


I did the shopping in Tesco on Monday night and it was £13 something.

Flatbread leeks and cabbage on both Monday and Tuesday night.Mashed potatoes are my comfort food and were Wednesday night’s dinnerButternut squash and spinach curry on Thursday.

Friday night, we did have pizza, but I didn’t photograph it. Oli helped make it and it was good!

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Life Happened: First Aid, the nephews and Ma has another birthday!

I was in the office for exactly one and half day this week. I spent the first half on a First Aid course and because I booked the one in Ealing, I got to walk to ‘work’ Monday to Wednesday. Which was lovely!

The day and half in the office were fraught but are done now. On Friday, I was up to Watford to babysit the nephews. They were a delight. Oli is just fun nowadays, we played monopoly, he helped make pizza for dinner and he’s into everything. Joe was teething. He’s the happiest, unhappy baby I know and he’s really trying to talk and getting into things.After they were all in bed, Kurt came out to get some attention.Then this happened

The next morning was more crazy town with the boys and family lunch for Oli and Ma’s birthdays..I have managed to pick up another cold, well it’s been a nearly 8 weeks since the last one so probably about time. The nice thing about this is that it is just a cold, I’m snotty and a bit tired but I’m not coughing, it’s good to know that although my immune system is shot, it hasn’t set off the asthma!

Sunday was Ma’s birthday! I cooked the requested lunch of leek, anchovy and goats cheese tart There was also gin…In things not going quite to plan the shower screen fell off the wall (fortunately not while I was in the shower!)

A pretty good week in all…

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Sunday Music

Today is my mother’s birthday. So I asked her what she’d like me to play for today’s post. This is what she chose…

Happy Birthday Mum! I’m so very happy you decided not to die young!

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Little Goals – December 2016

Last month of the year! It feels like 2016 went by in a flash, the days are long but the years fly by…

So the focus for this month is all about survival and coping. I’m still bit SAD but I got through November in a much better state than I expected so I’m hoping that if I apply the same attitudes and principles, it’ll be ok.

One of the things that I will be doing this month is reviewing the year against my goals for 2016. I want to think about what went well, what didn’t go well and what I want to do for 2017!


Stay within limits. This month is about not going mad with money, I tend to panic somewhere in the middle of December and start throwing money at it. I need to sit on that and carry on as planned.


Clean the ovenLots of cooking is happening over Christmas so I need to start with a clean oven.

Deep Clean the living room. It’s always useful to get the living room as tidy and de cluttered as possible before I put a tree in there and it helps make tidying up after Christmas easier.img_5284


Get Christmas Cards written, CD’s burned and everything posted by 15 December.

Get Christmas decorations down and check lights etc before Christmas Eve.

Buy a stack of birthday cards for January birthdaysIMG_3634


Stretching. Every day, it’s helping and it needs to be a focussed 10 minutes a day at least.

Exercise. Do the following 22 times in December. 20 squats, 2x 30 second planks, 10 sit ups, 10 press ups.

Get outside. I’ve been pretty good at getting outside on the days that I don’t work but on work days, it’s too easy to spend my lunchtime working or reading the paper. So I’m setting this to the days, I will be in the office this month so 16 days. Yes, I will only be in the office 16 days this month, I love Christmas.


Burn one of the piles of weeds and organise the compost area (it might happen this month!)

Work on the edges of the plot

Get the other beds covered for winter.

Think about buying seeds for next year!

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Friday Links

Happy Friday!

I’ve had a busy week and didn’t spent a lot of time at my desk or near my computer. Which is one of the reasons there aren’t many links this week. The other is that I increasingly feel that I’m living inside some sort of bizarre reality show, because the news is just so out there….

Brexiteers will trash anyone who gets in their way. Robert Chote was on the Today Programme last week and he was reasonable and measured. He noted that the OBR had asked the govt if it wanted to disclose anything or if the OBR should plan on the assumption that policy will continue as is. The govt did not give any new information. I was clear that I wanted Britain to remain in the EU one of reasons for my decisions was economic. Brexit will cost, it may not cost as much as the OBR think, it may cost more, but there will be a cost. The brexit campaign was not honest about this, they want it both ways. It’s time to quote Kipling…(he was writing post WWI but the point stands)

I could not dig; I dared not rob;

Therefore I lied to please the mob.

Now my lies are proved untrue

And I must face the men I slew.

Jeremy Hunt doesn’t understand how technology works. James Naughtie was right!

Donald Trump versus the US Constitution. This man is about to promise to defend something he either hasn’t read or wants to tear up!

The Myth of Self-Control. Finally!

Confessions of a lonely 20 something. I had two very similiar reactions to this. One, it’s your 20’s, everyone in their 20’s feels like the whole world is having a party that they haven’t been invited to. Second, why are you medicalising something that is perfectly normal? It’s not mental illness, it’s being in your 20’s, I accept that it’s harder for millenials to grow up but that’s the cure. Recognising that it is actually you, and them, and the world. It will pass, stop obsessing about it.


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What I’ve Read – November 2016

I have to admit it’s been a quiet month for reading. I just haven’t had the time. In November I priotised sleep and being organised over reading and I also decided to tackle a book that required more attention and I couldn’t just rush through it.

Gin Glorious Gin: How Mother’s Ruin Became the Spirit of London – Olivia Williams (TBR pile)

Finally a book from the physical TBR pile. I’ve had this since last Christmas (it was my secret santa gift) and it was fun. Easy to read, interesting and showing a pretty good knowledge of it’s subject.

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer – Rick Riordan (library book)

Luc and Josh and I all decided that you’re never too grown up to read children’s books and we’re reading it together. I like the way that it links into the Percy Jackson books with a cameo from Annabeth and I like the Norse Gods because they are much more earthy than the Greek and Roman Gods. It’s funny the conversation at the top of the book about why use C.E dates not A.D (that works for Christians but Thor is touchy since Jesus didn’t show up to the dual he was challenged to) made me laugh out loud on the bus!

The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England – Dan Jones (TBR pile)

This is fun, I haven’t finished yet. I’m always reluctant to describe a history book as a romp but that’s pretty much what it is.

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