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Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery

Ealing is a great place to live, it’s got really good transport links, it’s got lots of shops and green spaces. One of those green spaces is Walpole Park and the park has Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery. The restoration has … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: The End of Summer

Happy Monday! Today is our last Bank Holiday until Christmas and next week schools are gearing up for the new term, it always feels like the end of summer. Last week featured another migraine and I got hold of a … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: I Keep Forgettin’ – Michael McDonald

Because it’s amazing and it’s lovely to listen to a song about heartbreak when you’re not heartbroken.

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Friday Links: August and Everything After

Happy Friday! It’s been a week and the news is not getting any happier. Here are this week’s links: Tony Blair damns the Afghan withdrawal but he would do better to show remorse UK truck driver shortage signals a broken … Continue reading

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The Potato Thing

2021 will mark the year that I ate more potatoes than I have never eaten. Potatoes have featured in every Oddbox I’ve had and we grew quite a few of them this year. It’s not a problem, I quite like … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Rainy

Our scheduled Saturday at the allotment was cut short on account of the rain and various other small calamities.. The good news it that we got to harvest one straightneck summer squash and two of the round courgettes. The cucumbers … Continue reading

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Battle Abbey

Much to the amusement of my Irish neighbour, the day before my birthday I went to Battle. Yes, it’s an actual place, in East Sussex, quite near Hastings, and the site of the Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey In … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Unseasonal

Happy Monday! There has been a whole lot of not very much happening this week. Two days in the office, another sodding migraine (apparently a rash of them at work – a couple of us have been suffering this week), … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: On and On – Curtis Harding

This is on the soundtrack from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s one of those songs you feel like you’ve heard before, it feels old even though it’s not.

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Recommended: ProWorks Water Bottle

I’ve been going into the office at least twice a week since July. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system but I did take the opportunity to get some new commuting equipment. The first thing being a … Continue reading

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