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Recommendations: Blanquette de Limoux

It’s Christmas and most of the country is drinking it’s weight in prosecco! I have drunk a fair bit in my time but it’s not my first choice of fizz. I tend to pick a crémant or a cava because … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Elvis Juice

I quite like Brewdog beers (I also like the Lone Wolf gin they make but like the navy strength over the ordinary one, of course I do!). This one is my favourite, Elvis Juice

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Monday Miscellany

Sunday morning looked like this. It made me very, very happy! This and the predicted temps for this week not going above 30 degrees mean that I won’t be watering every day and/or feeling guilty for the days that I … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: I’ve Drunk Every Gin

This seemed appropriate for a weekend that contained the Queen’s official birthday and World Gin day.    

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World Gin Day

I had a really fun conversation last night at work drinks. One of the guys was telling me that World Gin Day was completely made up. Well yes, all such things are, I said that I knew this because it … Continue reading

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Too much rhubarb? Make gin

This weekend I started some rhubarb gin. I had 777g of washed, chopped rhubarb (this actually isn’t from my plants, it’s from Dionne’s massive plants!), I added 350g of sugar and then covered with 900ml gin*.It’s in a dark cupboard, … Continue reading

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Food Lately

All my focus this month has been on learning to get back into the routine of a full time job. This means that I’ve been making a real effort to pack breakfast and lunch. It’s really funny, the fridge starts … Continue reading

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