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Shopping Woes

Yes, I was just complaining about how difficult I find clothes shopping, but I’m more annoyed than I thought because my shoping issues have continued through the summer. I bought a top, I took it home and it just didn’t … Continue reading

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Clothes Shopping Sucks

I’m currently having a bad clothes month. This month all of my clothes are falling to bits. Working with a limited wardrobe is fine, I actually find it much easier, but when that limited wardrobe decides it’s had enough, it … Continue reading

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The Grind

We are just past the middle of February, it’s getting lighter in the mornings, the weather is an improvement on the weekend but I have to be honest, I’m not feeling it. I’m tired and mostly grumpy, even though I … Continue reading

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The Cold that will not die and other things I’m not happy about…

Ok it’s official, this cold will not go away…I’m now on the third week of feeling grotty. I have a sore chest, coughing fits and am bunged up, in fact at night when I turn over, I’m woken up by … Continue reading

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Who needs sleep…

Me. I do! I need huge amounts of sleep and I don’t ever really get enough. I’ve always been like this, needing lots of sleep and being really awful when I don”t get enough. Sleep is my answer to a lot … Continue reading

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You know now I said at the weekend that the key to surviving this week was going to be organisation and that meant a busy weekend. Well I didn’t get things done on the weekend, there was an incident with … Continue reading

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Return of the lists…

I really don’t know how I do this to myself. Work has been fairly non stop since my birthday. There’s a really fine line between being busy enough to keep me occupied and being too busy and feeling scattered and … Continue reading

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