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More Cote d’Ivoire

and then I have to go flathunting…   Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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I’m back, still trying to sort my head out, am glad I went, glad to be home but could have happily been out there a while longer… Some (but not all) photos  

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The Verneys

I have been reading and loving this book.  Until Friday, when the combination of mad woman with and out of control wheelie suitcase, getting off the train at Paddington and my sore knee, resulted in me sprawled accross the floor … Continue reading

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The long commute…

Living at my mother’s house has been a revelation.  There’s a magic laundry basket – you put dirty clothes in and they come back to you washed and ironed*. There is also a lunch making fairy, strict recycling rules** and … Continue reading

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Nicola is….

…….happy to report that her fringe is back under control. That is all.

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forever in our hearts…

Dean and I met for a coffee on Sunday, we went for a walk along the river and he spotted this bench, just made us laugh…

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Almost there….

….am now living at my mother’s.  Need to go back to Fulham and move the bed.  Need to find somewhere to put the bed.  Am overtired and feeling blah…..

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From last night’s evening of cake decorating…..

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Oh and I picked up my visa yesterday and got the malaria tablets. So, just need frost these cupcakes and move. Then holiday….

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Overdoing it…

It’s Lynda’s 50th birthday on Saturday and a group of us are making the ‘cake’.  Rather than one big cake, we are all making cupcakes of different flavours. Last week, Jen gave me the gold cupcake cases and yesterday I … Continue reading

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