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Monday Miscellany: Sick

Happy Monday! Well, it’s been a week! On Friday 3rd March, I came home, to a kitchen that still wasn’t finished and the cold that had been threatening all week making itself felt. Reader, it wasn’t a cold it was … Continue reading

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Lent: The Examen

I’ve been talking about my plans to spend some time in Lent doing the Examen more. So I thought I’d talk about what it is and why I find it useful and what I find difficult about it. First, what … Continue reading

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Friday Links: You can try and fix the protocol but you can’t fix the Tory Party..

Happy Friday! This deal could have been struck in 2021 – but the last thing Brexiters wanted was to get Brexit done Sunak should remove the whip from Johnson – it’s the only language he understands Number of UK children … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Nothing to see here

I didn’t have anything to say about the allotment last week and I still don’t have anything much to say because of the stupid kitchen work taking such a long time. We went to feed the birds, I still need … Continue reading

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Small Goals 2023: March

It’s March tomorrow so it’s time to talk about things I’d like to do in March. As ever, let’s have a look February first. Despite the feeling that February was my own personal trash fire of a month. Circumstances have … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Home and it’s almost there…

Happy Monday! I’m back home and things are not quite complete. There’s some snagging to do in the bedroom and the kitchen is just about workable but needs flooring, tiles and snagging. Part of me is really happy to be … Continue reading

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Lent: The First Four Days

Lent Started on Wednesday and as I’ve done in previous years, I’m going to talk about it. If it’s not your thing, I get it, and I’ll see you sometime in the week, for my usual wittering. So the first … Continue reading

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Recommended: St Pancreas Defendat Me ‘The Boris Letters

Michel Rosen makes up ‘letters from Boris’ on Twitter, they are very funny and sound alarmingly convincing. The early ones have been put in a book and the best way to deal with the horror of the government of the … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Yes, we have no tomatoes

Happy Friday! ‘We have to pay more for food’: Britain’s biggest tomato farmer on the runaway costs of growing. It’s really hard to hear in the midst of a cost of living crisis but it’s true. We pay too little … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Walk

This is my last week of commuting from my Mum’s house, and so the last week of doing this walk more or less very day (sometimes I get the Drain). Here are some pictures from my walk:

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