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Allotment Adventures: State of the Plot

We’ve come a long way, this was the plot in August last year.This year there is more of everything and it’s much tidier. So let’s have a chat about what work we did on the plot over the last couple … Continue reading

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A birthday in cocktails

I got 6 birthday cards this year, 4 of them were drinks related. According to Kathy, if my friends really thought that it was a problem, they’d tell me by staging an intervention, not send me cards about it. However, my … Continue reading

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Best/Worst 7 to 13 August 2017

Happy new week people! Best Holiday. I didn’t go away but it was so nice not to be at work. A big part of my job is the administration for and minuting of a monthly meeting and I always give … Continue reading

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Friday Links:

Happy Friday!  Millennials v baby boomers? We all have more in common than we realise When gut bacteria changes brain function. I’m interested in this because my diet has changed so much in the last couple of years and especially … Continue reading

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Gin Club

The 28th July was the third gin club. Attending were me (it was at my house!), Ma, Christelle and Dionne The gin was 6 O’Clock Gin and I chose it mainly because I liked the bottle. Tonics were Fever Tree and East … Continue reading

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Best/Worst 31 July to 6 August 2017

Happy Monday! It is a happy Monday for me as I’m off work for a week and it was my birthday yesterday! Best Birthday. Although I’m not as bothered by birthdays as I used to be, they are a big … Continue reading

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What I’ve Read – July 2017

The Last Four Things – Paul Hoffman (Kindle TBR) The Beating of His Wings – Paul Hoffman (Kindle TBR) So I said last month that in the Left Hand of God, it was hard to see the story because of the … Continue reading

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