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The Weekend

Friday night started as is traditional with pizza and wine, although Ma came over to stay too.   The plan was G&T, pizza and wine, and one whiskey after pudding. Except I only had bourbon in the house! Ma was … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

I’ve been listening to the The Civil Wars album since it came out (on my birthday) and every time I heard this song, I was very aware that it sounded like something else and it’s been bugging me. Then it … Continue reading

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Nail polish

My nails suffered over the summer, mostly because I fell out of the habit of painting them. This month I started again and decided to post to encourage me to carry on doing it. So this is how my fingernails … Continue reading

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Friday Links

If my posts this week haven’t been a guide, my default mood this week has been sick and/or grumpy, however, it’s Friday and I had a really strong coffee this morning so I’m running off that and the joy of … Continue reading

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Four Things

So after yesterday’s very grumpy post, here are four things that I really like at the  moment. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Ok so it’s not actually magic but it is quick, not messy and doesn’t seem to dry my … Continue reading

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Grumble, grumble, whine and moan…

So it’s Wednesday and after a night and a day and another night of not being very well (thank you migraine, please don’t feel free to visit again!) I’m back at work and as much I would like to be … Continue reading

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No pain, no gain

Last week, I thought I had broken myself. I’ve resumed my gym going because I know that exercise improves my mood and we’re heading into winter and I need to do what works. Unfortunately I have body that hates exercise … Continue reading

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The Weekend

This weekend started with Friday Night Pizza at home and rest and books and breaking a wine glass! It happens… On Saturday, I tore myself away from my book and got myself on the train to meet Ma and go … Continue reading

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Current favourite necklace

I seem to be wearing this one all the time.   It was a Christmas present I bought for Ma but she decided after about a year that it was too much for her short neck (her words, I think … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! So I’m not on a plane and I will stop going on about it soon! So this week has been a week of grinding through when I’d rather be in bed. About this time of year, my thoughts … Continue reading

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