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Last week

Well last week was a surprisingly social week. I generally don’t plan social events for school nights but it turned out that this week was all about catching up with some of my oldest friends. I met Christelle and Mike for an … Continue reading

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Eight Years

No word today. It’s the 29th. Eight years. Still miss him. The godchildren and I are going to spend the afternoon together and then Michael and I are going to have a martini.

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The Weekend

This Friday began with the usual Friday Night Pizza. I’m a creature of habit! This was red onion, pancetta and goats cheese. I cooked the onions right down and used them as a base. Saturday morning, I met Max and … Continue reading

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A day in food..

Godchildren 2 and 3 are doing a project for school. As is often the way (I am a committed and loving godparent), I have been roped in.  All I have to do is take a photo of what I’ve eaten … Continue reading

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Ms T

I’m gonna miss this kid (and her mother) and the crown… Making faces.. With Mummy and ‘my crown’ which she allowed Mummy to wear. Mummy was very keen on the crown and even wore it in the street!! Re-arranging the … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 6

Lovely afternoon catching up with Jo and when she woke up, reading, playing games and discovering the full extent of Miss T’s vocabulary (like her mother she can talk!)

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Everything works out at some point..

Ryan came for breakfast/lunch today. It’s always good to see him and at the moment we talk about deep stuff and total rubbish. Ryan is still having a difficult time and coping with it all like a trooper. I can’t … Continue reading

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We’ve talked, walked, drunk cocktails, watched movies and fallen asleep on the sofa. We are masters of arsing about and it’s really nice..

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CD Club..

The last month or so I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone to Ryan. He’s having a hard time at the moment and although he really doesn’t need me to, I worry… For those that may not remember … Continue reading

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Tabitha at the park

Jo and Tabitha came for lunch and after a lot of cake, we went to the park. Seesaw Swing Lost in thought Who’s pushing me? This is fun Thinking Mmm.. I’m coming over there…

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