Monday Miscellany: Cake, all the cake…

I love Bank Holidays!

Last week I had one of those London moments when my knowledge of history and my physical understanding of the geography of the city come together. I was walking past a very ugly BT building called Baynards House and suddenly something clicked. I knew that Baynards Castle had been between Blackfriars and St Pauls, I knew it had been mostly destroyed in the Great Fire of London but until last week I hadn’t understood where in the City that was. Now I do. It’s one of those things that make me feel both really clever and a bit thick! It also reminds me of why I love my city so much. It is always changing but it’s history is right there..

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, there are three wedding anniversaries of people I care about, Christelle and Mike on 24 August (also Mike’s birthday!), Ryan and Claire on 26 August and Ben and Lu on the 28 August (and that’s the one I couldn’t remember!). No more people can get married over that weekend, it’s ridiculous!

Today I am making all the cake, for Christina and Fred’s wedding. No I’m not panicking about it at all, and it will spend the week in my fridge and freezer before Charles comes to pick it up on Saturday morning.

For the rest of the week, I’m going to be working, and on Thursday going to a gin tasting. I also need to find and break in some shoes for my outfit for the wedding. I bought a new dress but I really don’t have many shoe options because I had to throw out all my usual wedding options after the foot operation!


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