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Friday Links

Happy Friday, today I shall be mostly recovering from a migraine, what are you up to? 1) Don’t play the ‘I have kids’ card. Amen. People without children have lives that are as legitimate and that they cherish as much … Continue reading

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What I’ve Read – May 2013

This is one day early however, I’m unlikely to finish anything between now and tomorrow without being up way into the night and I’m staying at Ma’s tonight so it’s very unlikely as I’ll have to be up at ‘Oh … Continue reading

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Picture post – Warkworth Castle

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This weekend…

Made pizza. Watched a movie with Ryan. Cooked some lamb (and I still can’t carve for toffee) Ate black pudding. Yum! Planted some herbs. Got a little bit burnt (seriously, it wasn’t that sunny and I was out for about … Continue reading

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Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

On the way back from Hadrian’s Wall, (it was a wall, it was raining, it was further south than I’d always imagined it), we went to Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. It’s quite a place and I left it feeling … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Another week done. It’s Friday morning and here are the links. The news is full of what happened in Woolwich this week, this post isn’t. Some people did a terrible thing, a man died, a child doesn’t have a father. … Continue reading

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I seem to be a bit down at the moment. For no reason I can really put my finger on. It could be that the imminent arrival of 40 is making me more unhappy than I thought, it could be … Continue reading

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Mainstay recipes

So this week is National Vegetarian Week and I was going to talk to you about cake. But although the cake was not a fail the photos absolutely were and so instead I thought I’d shine a light on the … Continue reading

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When T & C moved house in 2011, I inherited a cupboard and 5 houseplants. That I haven’t killed those houseplants is one of the miracles of my life! Two of the plants, the begonias, came to me flowering.   … Continue reading

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The Weekend

This weekend started differently than I had intended. I was going to take Friday as leave and spend it with Tina. However, T is currently in hospital (and very cross about it!) so I went into work instead. It was … Continue reading

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