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The Kitchen and Plans for the flat

I’ve lived in my little flat for 13 years. When I was originally looking for a flat, the estate agent asked me to list the three most important things to me and I said a kitchen, unfurnished, I could put … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Living with Mother

Happy Monday! As you may have guessed from the title, I’m now at Ma’s for the next two to three weeks, if it goes into four, I may have to check into a hotel to preserve our relationship and our … Continue reading

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Eat Real Food

I hope I’ve been honest about how I cook and eat food because it’s important. What we eat is important for our health but it’s not only that. We live in a world that is experiencing climate crisis. Where not … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Scritti Politti – Umm

It just popped into my head this week so here it is…

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Friday Links: If you think everything is fine, you’re not paying attention

Happy Friday! I don’t know about everyone else but it feels like 1992 (I’ve been saying that for a while), back then, things felt awful but I’d not really known anything else, Thatcher came to power when I was five, … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Soggy and Bedraggled

Despite the rainy weather, all the packing and moving and, the excessive socialising I did at the weekend. Ma and I did get a very short trip to the plot last Saturday. It was wet and looking bedraggled. It’s in … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Tired Already

Happy Monday! It’s Blue Monday today, the point at which the New Year stops being full of optimism and starts to feel like a grind! It’s fair to say that I’ve been feeling like that for at least a week! … Continue reading

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Recommended: Soda Folk

My love of root beer comes from 1980’s McDonalds trips, you might think it tastes of the dentist, but I love it. Unfortunately for me, it’s a love not many of my countrymen share and so it’s not a popular … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Enough Already

Happy Friday! I’m tired of everything at the moment! Here are this week’s links Ministers could help the patients dying in NHS hospital corridors right now – they just choose not to Rishi Sunak v Keir Starmer: battle of the … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail: Quick and Dirty Gin and Aperol

So it’s not Friday but I thought that Thursday might be a good day to post about a cocktail so if you’re not doing Dry January, you could gather the ingredients for this for Friday! January for me is about … Continue reading

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