Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! I am determined that I will have a better work week this week, than I did last. It was tough and full of emails and people that think I can magic up extra hours in the day. I really can’t and people need to start prioritising.  Under my glorious rule, they will have to start learning this…Other than that and the usual Piccadilly Line failure issues, last week was fine. I bought raised beds (and blueberry plants) but I’ll tell you all about that on Wednesday. I did culture on Wednesday and went all the way to East London on Friday night (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow!). The weekend was full until Sunday, when I did very little because honestly, I needed the rest.I don’t have major plans for this week it should be easier to get to work because it’s half term and Lent starts this week so there will be pancakes on Tuesday and ashes on Wednesday followed by cinema on Thursday and compost buying on Friday. Really living life on the edge.

Right, time to head into Monday!


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