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Not buying it for a second..

…this morning I got an email from Waterstones, plugging a cookbook by Sophie Dahl called Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. The blurb for this book is quite sick making:  ‘Sophie Dahl, one of the most glorious women on the planet, shares … Continue reading

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I am about a week overdue a haircut.  It was all set for Saturday.  Haircuts are fab, I go and see my friend Jane, hang out with her and the kids and come out with lovely hair. However on Saturday … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I applied for my visa for Cote d’Ivoire.  It was an experience. The form had to be filled out in French (good job I know a native French speaker or two!). Now I know that technically an embassy is … Continue reading

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Moving pt 1

Part one is moving everything out of where I am and into storage.  Then I’m going to live with my mother for a bit (and rediscover why I moved out and she really wanted me to), go on holiday, come … Continue reading

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Late night…

MB drinks.  I’m tired but not hungover, which is more than can be said for some. No embarassing photos but we ended up in Sketch and I ended up playing with the phone camera  

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On being tired and doing stupid things

Too early in the morning Everyone around me has a cold and I have a sore throat, also had quite a late night last night.   So this morning, I had my usual coffee and a multi vitamin (one of … Continue reading

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Easter lunch…

we had lamb but a request for yorkshire puddings from Dionne (and me if I’m honest), from scratch, in a new (read strange oven)….nice to know I haven’t lost my touch…. Yorkshires  

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On the move

I'm moving. It's time, it's good and it's bad. At this point moving means leaving Fulham and moving back to Ealing.  I need to live by myself and I can just about afford to do that in Ealing but not … Continue reading

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I went into the Grace Easter Vigil in a not very good mood.  I was tired, not sure about how the Vigil was going to work and generally out of sorts. However, it was a brilliant service.  It was much … Continue reading

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BBC 4 are showing Spiral (Engrenages) again.  I remember when it was first shown it had me completely gripped, despite the complexities of story and the subtitles.  Hopefully this means that they are going to show Series Two as well.

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