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Foodie Pen Pals

Carol Ann at Rock Salt started up and runs the UK/Europe branch of Foodie Pen Pals.  (in the US it was the brainchild of Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean). April was the first month I’d participated I had to send a … Continue reading

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We’re all connected

This morning I read the comments on an article about London. According to the comments London and its inhabitants are responsible for all that’s going wrong in the country. It was pretty depressing…then I saw this. Still love my city, … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail (non alcoholic version)

Today’s drink is a ginger and orange cocktail without booze. The base of this is a simple syrup with ginger added. To make the syrup take one cup sugar and one cup water, add sliced, peeled fresh ginger (about 2/3 … Continue reading

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Grandad’s Bread Pudding

My Grandad could cook, this was quite an achievement for a man born in 1914, it wasn’t usual. However, Grandad was a widower for a long time so that might explain it. I always thought that he learnt to cook … Continue reading

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Chelsea are in the Champions League Final….6th in the Premiership but in the CL Final..come on you blues… Today marks 14 years since my Grandad died. Grandad was 83 when he died, he lived a good life and died at … Continue reading

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Successful Saturday

Today, I’ve… ….sent a parcel ….received a parcel ….chatted to my brother ….caught up with Sarah and seen her and Justin’s lovely new house ….been to the theatre (Chalet Lines at the Bush Theatre) ….drunk champagne (I’ve been doing so … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

I haven’t had a drink since Easter, this will be the last alcoholic Friday Night Cocktail until May. I do have some interesting things to drink that aren’t alcoholic coming up though! So this doesn’t have a name, involves Kamm … Continue reading

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Chilli Jam

Tonight I made Nigella Lawson’s Chilli Jam, again. I have made this jam several times since Christmas (the picture isn’t great but the jam is!). It’s all Max’s fault, she was at mine going through Nigella Christmas and finding things she wanted … Continue reading

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Malted Milk Cookies

I did Grace cafe on Saturday. Cafe is fairly straightforward and I decided to go for bread, cheese and chilli jam. The point is to have conversation not gourmet food. However, I really felt the need to add something sweet. … Continue reading

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Saturday walk

Ma and I are trying to fit a longish walk in once a week (weather and her sore feet permitting). This week, we walked along the river from Kingston to Richmond, 8.55K, not quite last weeks 12k last week but still … Continue reading

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