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Friday Links: 30th October

Happy Friday! Is Republican Voter Suppression Starting to Backfire? Oh, God I hope so…. Only this government could miss the open goal of free school meals It’s Halloween tomorrow and this a Horrible Histories Stupid Deaths Halloween Special…

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Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese

Because of Brexit and the lack of care that the government is taking to preserve our food standards, I’ve had a year of thinking more carefully about the food that I buy and eat. I get a lot of food … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Where are my compost bins?

I’m still waiting for my compost bins to arrive and it was quite rainy on Saturday. So we finished building a bed and built another one. Collected produce and weeded. Then it started to rain and we went home. Next … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Fall Back

Happy Monday! The clocks went back on Saturday night and it was so lovely on Sunday morning to wake up and have it be light. I know there has been a campaign to keep us on BST but I think … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag

Tom Lehrer has published all his music on his website this week. So it’s time to poke some fun at the Church with music

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Friday Links: Just agree to feed hungry children

Happy Friday! I’m afraid that the world is not in a better state than it was last week and seems to be slightly worse. I’m seeing lots of people I know (and some I don’t) really struggle with the state … Continue reading

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Sausage and Kale Stew

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe, I’ve made it a couple of times and it’s great and pretty much a store cupboard recipe for me aside from the sausages. Although I don’t have chilli flakes so I left them out … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: The Makeover Begins

This weekend, we started the revamp of the plot. After we had walked to the plot three times, me with wheelbarrows of woodchip, Ma with all the cardboard and other things we needed! We took apart the two beds next … Continue reading

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Reading Squee….

2020 has been a terrible year for my reading life. It’s not that I’ve not been reading it’s just that things I would usually gallop through, I haven’t had the emotional energy for. I have listed the books I’ve read … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Tier Two

So on Friday night, London went into Tier Two. What does that mean for me? Well Mum isn’t going to come over mid-week unless she hires a car but she will and can continue to come over at the weekend. … Continue reading

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