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Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! Welcome to the week… Today is the anniversary of Waterloo, which means that Ma and I will be whatsapping the key moments of the battle…it’s our thing… Last week, I learnt that the Isle of Man has two … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

The World Cup started on Thursday. So this is topical and funny (full disclosure I know Harry’s mum and dad!)  

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! I am so pleased to get to Friday There was a lot happening this week….let’s start with the orange nightmare The G7 photo, broken down…Trump, Merkel, Macron: the G7 photos worth a thousand words Then North Korea. Trump … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Visitors and Hard Work

After our gin fuelled adventures on Saturday, Ma and I were up early and on the plot by 10am. There was lots to do. Ma started by picking broad beans and I started weeding at the top of the plot.That … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

Monday has come around far too soon but it’s here and whining about it is going to help no-one, I have a feeling that this week is going to need a whole lot of coffee. Visitors to the UK who … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

This seemed appropriate for a weekend that contained the Queen’s official birthday and World Gin day.    

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World Gin Day

I had a really fun conversation last night at work drinks. One of the guys was telling me that World Gin Day was completely made up. Well yes, all such things are, I said that I knew this because it … Continue reading

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