Monday Miscellany

Last year, I posted about what I did the week before and it got a bit boring. So this year, instead of sticking to a ‘this is what I did’ post, I’ll just write whatever is on my mind when I sit down to write it. It will probably talk about what I did in the previous week but it might not if the previous week was boring!

So today is when things get interesting, over the weekend I realised that I’m going to have to do this getting up in the dark thing for a while yet. I took down the tree, there are more changes to happen to this room but right now I’m happy to have it back to normal, with the tree down the room looks much bigger!Ma is still poorly, Ma is very rarely ill but she’s off coffee and booze and is having problems reading, which is the trifecta of really sick for her (and me for that matter). Meanwhile, I am feeling very clever because against her protests, I was right about solutions to two problems she was having which she didn’t think would work! They did. More people should listen to me, I am wise!

I went for a lovely long walk with Sarah and Fred. Which is getting to be a habit that I am really enjoying, Fred has become a teenage dog and very bossy with it. I am learning a lot about dog training with these walks and talking to Christelle about her new cute puppy…

I’m feeling pretty on top of home (I’ve been a domestic whirlwind, all the laundry is done, the house is tidy and and food prep. I spent two hours in the kitchen yesterday making breakfast and lunch for next week. This week is similar to last week because that worked. I hate the washing up but fitting in with the theme of my month, those two hours really are a gift to future me… If you were thinking about menu planning and how to go about it, I wrote a post in 2013 about how I menu plan and pretty much this is still how I do it.Breakfasts are egg cups and veg. Lunch is soup (make with squash I grew in the summer and yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about that!) and salad (salad not pictured). Snacks are an orange, an apple, pineapple, yoghurt, mini cheddars and a marzipan thing. That is 7 portions of fruit and vegetables. Dinners are not as strictly planned but I have a couple of options – more lentil soup, stir fry, roasted vegetables and sausages, fish and steamed vegetables, Friday Night I will eat pizza, so I’m not worried.

Things I want for this week, which mean I have to do them.:

  • to stay on top of my life admin
  • to go for a walk every lunch time
  • to pick up my prescription
  • to book a catch-up appointment with the therapist (I’m generally fine without but 2017 had some very unexpected bits to it and I just need a tune up for my emotional health)
  • get an allotment plan for January written, I was there yesterday and it’s looking alright there is lots to do and I’m happy to see that my broad beans have popped up

Have a good week people!


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