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so very, very tired and now I have to go to work…….

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Down about it

After a really good week, I don’t feel so great. No reason, cold doesn’t help, late nights, cookie baking and box making adrenalin has gone and I want to cry……a lot…. It’s just lonely and nothing feels right.  Under normal … Continue reading

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Slowly becoming croaky..

…last Friday I woke up with a sore throat, I ignored it, it was fine by the end of the day Every morning over the weekend my throat has been slightly worse than it was the morning before but ok … Continue reading

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The Bibliomancer’s Dream

So I didn’t get to see David Hare talk about the Berlin Wall (thanks, First Great Western!) and it was decided that as I we had both had a tough week, we’d go to Skylon and have dinner.  Walking through … Continue reading

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