Monday Miscellany

Morning! I hope you are all ready to start another week, I’m always ready and never quite ready, there is always too much to entertain me at home! Which is probably how you should feel about where you live, I love my little flat!

Anyway, miscellany….I bought tulips this weekend, they were 75 pence a bunch so it felt like I had to buy them…

My current netflix obsession is the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, they are like Australian 20’s Agatha Christie and I have just a crush on Miss Fisher’s bob, I know from bitter experience that my hair won’t do that but I really admire other people’s perfect hair. I notice that everyone seems to want their hair to do the opposite of what it does, people with straight hair want curly hair and blondes want to be redheads and so on. Overall though, I like my hair which is pretty much like my mum’s, the only difference being colour!

This weekend Ma and I ate our Easter lunch, for Easter we were at Ben and Lu’s and that was lovely (if I do say so myself!) but Ma and I are creatures of tradition and the anchovy roast lamb is an Easter tradition, so we did it a week later…

When it comes to maths, I am the family dud, Ma, Ben, Oli and Laura are all freakishly good at it (I have hopes of Joe but he counts better than he speaks, so those hopes are probably in vain!), which is why I’m not surprised that Ma did a cost analysis to work out whether the compost from Wicks or Homebase was cheaper. It was Wickes….so we went off to buy 580 litres, which is a lot to wheelbarrow to the plot, but I managed it. It also seems much nicer compost than the Homebase stuff.

I finally got all the potatoes planted and gave the shed another cost of paint. We’ve had two sunny days but the weather forecast predicts rain every day this week except Wednesday, at least it’s not snow but I am ready for proper Spring now but the signs are there

On Friday, I came home and really did not want to be dressed, so I took my jeans off and wondered around the house with no trousers on for a bit. My dad used to do this too and Joe is at the stage where he takes his trousers off at any given opportunity. Genetic inheritance right there….

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