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At Dionne's tonight to see her new flat (which is marvellous and still surprisingly tidy).  Aidan is on top form, witness this: Dionne: You're right Aidan, I stand corrected Aidan: No you don't Mummy, you stand wrong.  I stand correct. … Continue reading

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Holidays I have known

I don’t really do holidays.  I don’t have the knack of that much forward planning.  It might be because growing up, we didn’t have family holidays.  You know, where Mum, Dad and kids go away for 2 weeks every year.  … Continue reading

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I watched my first presidental inguaration back in the 90’s (I was doing politics A level and choose the US political system option), and then and every time I have watched one since I am amazed by how moved I … Continue reading

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*lunch not included

At Greenbelt this year, Grace did *lunch not included, Steve just got the video of the service up.  You can watch at smallfire. It's good too see and remember how it went, but there is something disturbing about it, I … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Bakery

So Sarah and I finally got together the Sunday before last and we were going to go the the V & A but ended up eating cake at the Hummingbird Bakery.  Conversation included Sarah's new hoodie, Christmas, how bloody cold … Continue reading

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