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Allotment Adventures: Courgettes and rain and tidying the shed

So the shed is finally tidy. We have new shelves (thanks Kathy and Adam!) and new drawers (Wilko’s finest!) and thanks to lots of tidying, it’s looking tidier. Ma still thinks there is too much stuff but I think we … Continue reading

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What I’ve Read: June and July 2019

It’s not been a brilliant couple of months for getting the TBR lists down because the library re-opened and although it’s not as big as it used to be, it’s still the library! The Blade Itself: The First Law Book … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Too hot to do anything

Happy Monday! Last week we had a mini heatwave, it was intense, it was 37C in my house on Thursday, I took many coldish baths and sat in front of fan. It’s calmed down now and thank God. So we … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Lazy Sunday Afternoon – The Small Faces

I know loads of people who have birthdays today. One of them is my Uncle Ian. This always reminds of Ian, I have no idea why…

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Recommendations: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Range

I recently changed up my skincare, usually I’m very loyal to the products I use (and for the record this picture is how I’d like to look every day but often don’t!) but my skin has always been a reflection … Continue reading

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Friday Links: A cabinet of dunces and the morally ambiguous

Happy Friday! Well folks, it’s happened, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is Prime Minister and has appointed a cabinet. God help the country. And a good time to remind you of this. Here are this week’s links… John Marsden on … Continue reading

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Preserving: Cocktail Cherries

I love cherries in all forms but especially cocktail cherries. Ages ago, I started making my own and while it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it here, I have perfected my method recipe to make it easier, so it’s … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: A Tidy Up

I love to read Allan Jenkins’ Sunday column in the Observer about his allotment. This week, in one of the comments, someone talks about this time of year and the garden’s descent into chaos. While the plot isn’t actually in … Continue reading

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What We Learn

London is getting pretty hot this week and I’ve been doing the traditional Nic thing of falling asleep and then waking up an hour later and then taking an hour to fall back to sleep. And repeat all bloody night… … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Very Social

Happy Monday! Last week was good, does it sound weird to say that I need this week to have less people in it? I saw Jo and Tabs and Mrs Gauld on Tuesday and Sue on Wednesday and some of … Continue reading

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