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It’s November tomorrow. First, what happened to the year? It seems to have just whizzed by. Second, it’s November tomorrow. I find November really hard to deal with, it’s cold and miserable and the beginning of the doom and gloom … Continue reading

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What I Read – October 2013

The American Way of Eating – Tracie McMillan I’m not sure that enjoy is a word I’d use given the subject matter, but I read this over a weekend which given the subject matter showed how it held my interest. … Continue reading

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Right Now I’m..

Sleeping…ok not actually this minute but last night I was in bed at 9pm, lights out at 9.21pm. I’ve decided to go to bed when I’m tired and last night I was tired early. I think it’s a combination of … Continue reading

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Disaster bread update.

This weekend I revisited the disaster bread recipe and tried to get it right. It was only partially successful. The dough did rise but very slowly and when they were cooked the rolls looked ok but were…lacking something. They were … Continue reading

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Extraordinary or being proud of your ancestors…

This weekend I read this in the Observer Magazine. For those of you that can’t be bothered to click the link, it’s about some women who feel that they were forced to give up their children for adoption in the … Continue reading

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Weekend Tasks, What I Actually Did

It’s seems silly to put up a post about things I need to do at the weekend and not follow up with what I actually managed to do. Given that I spent most of Saturday with a migraine, I’m quite … Continue reading

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The Weekend

The weekend began with a haircut! I decided to have a little bit more length off than usual and Jane chopped about two inches off my hair, which I was fine about until I got home and had to very … Continue reading

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Current favourite necklace

Last month, I was wearing this necklace all the time. This month it seems to be this one. This pedant, Sarah brought back from India. It was just after Stef died and rose quartz (the bigger stone) is supposed to … Continue reading

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Weekend Task List

There was no real house work to do last week because I hadn’t been at home, this week as I sort the house out in the aftermath of the builder, there is an issue with the window still but it’s … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail Revisited: Aperol Spritz

I haven’t been making anything new, I’m not drinking at all during the week and have been struggling to find time to make and photograph new to the blog cocktails! So I’m going to re-visit some of the old ones! … Continue reading

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