Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! We are currently in the midst of a cold snap and there was snow this morning and a fire drill. The snow didn’t really settle, it’s stopped now but they are predicting more and I expect that all  of London will lose it’s mind and transport shortly!

After a weekend that was almost totally torpedoed by migraines, it was not the return to normal that I was hoping for!In other news, theatre on Saturday, the one thing that I felt I did manage, was brilliant. For a play set in 1981 in Northern Ireland (The Ferryman), it felt very topical and with the government about to go back to direct rule, a good reminder of how it could be if people don’t sort themselves out!

Not much else to say, I finally last week, managed to clean the carpet so even though I feel like the flat is a pit of filth, the carpet is clean!

This week, I’m finally making it to a Grace Lent dinner, I need to catch up on laundry and housework, Ma is coming to dinner on Wednesday and I’m finally catching up with Christelle and Mike on Saturday. I still haven’t planted any seeds, but may do that at the weekend!


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