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Monday Miscellany

Morning! I hope you are all ready to start another week, I’m always ready and never quite ready, there is always too much to entertain me at home! Which is probably how you should feel about where you live, I … Continue reading

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The Weekend is gone…

The weekend just whizzed by, on Friday night I was in bed by 8pm and slept all the way through until 8pm! Then I was up and sorting stuff out, two batches of pastry for mince pies and the biscuit … Continue reading

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The Weekend

I spent Friday night at Ma’s for Friday Night Pizza (we’re doing Christmas at Ma’s this year so it was a good opportunity for me to get used to her new kitchen!) Also this, I made this in my first … Continue reading

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Things I have learnt this week..

1) It’s time to start using the wake up lamp. I naturally wake up when the sun comes up and at the moment that’s not 6am. 2) Zumba and me. Not a match made in heaven. However, having a gym … Continue reading

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