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Lent Week Five: The Promise of Spring

I love spring, I said a couple of weeks ago that my brain is waking up because the light is back. Last week we hit the vernal equinox, equal amounts of day and night and that’s pretty much my own … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Lockdown

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all coping with lockdown as well as you can. I’m finding working from home, all the time quite difficult but being at home just fine. I go to the allotment in the morning before work … Continue reading

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One Thing a Month

So back in January, I said I was going to purchase one thing that improved my home and/or made my life more sustainable.  Last month I bought an ironing cover, which while necessary was not terribly sustainable or exciting. This … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Social Distancing

In all of this madness, I’m still allowed to go to the allotment, so that’s good. I was there for 5 hours on Saturday and I dug a pond! It needs some planting but that can wait for a bit … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: There is Aways Something to be Thankful For….a list

Happy Monday! Most of the world is at home right now, the people that aren’t are NHS workers, delivery drivers, train drivers, and anyone who can’t work from home or doesn’t work from home. I’m at home and we’re planning … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: The Beatles – If I Fell

It’s Mothers Day here and I know everyone is may not be seeing their mums today but I wanted to do something for mine! Our parents if they do it right, are our first musical influences and Ma was the … Continue reading

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Tips for Self Isolating

The advice is now work from home if you can, self isolate if you need to and only be out and about if necessary. All schools will be closing on Friday and in London, there is talk of a total … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Getting there

So we went to the plot this weekend. We can’t sow anything yet because we need a ton of compost so there wasn’t a lot to do, I wanted to put the last bed in and then our plan was … Continue reading

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Lent Week Three

For Tuesdays during Lent, I’m going to talk about my faith and spiritual practice (or lack thereof). So this is the time to look away if you’re not interested in this topic. No worries, there will be an allotment post … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: It’s a worry

Happy Monday! I had a good week, but things with COVID-19 are getting more serious. I will say it, if I haven’t before, this is probably not a problem for most of us, but I will stay indoors if that … Continue reading

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