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Yesterday, I went into work and was told that my team was being rearranged and that we were all under threat of redundancy. Which was not the start to the week I was hoping for. I’ve been here before, it’s … Continue reading

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Work Life

Last week, our quarterly department meeting happened and was based on understanding our Margerison-McCann profiles. There were no huge surprises for me, I recognised myself.I’m a ‘Concluder-Producer’ by a huge margin. I’m practical and production-oriented, I like schedules and plans … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

Timehop is an interesting thing, just giving you a recap of this date in the life of your social media for every year you’ve been on it. On this day six years ago, the tweet just said ‘Unemployment’. Which is … Continue reading

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Last week

Well last week was a surprisingly social week. I generally don’t plan social events for school nights but it turned out that this week was all about catching up with some of my oldest friends. I met Christelle and Mike for an … Continue reading

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You know now I said at the weekend that the key to surviving this week was going to be organisation and that meant a busy weekend. Well I didn’t get things done on the weekend, there was an incident with … Continue reading

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On being busy

I haven’t been really busy at work for a while. Yes, I have things to do but I’ve been getting it all done and not working late. I’ve felt quite bad about it really because everyone else has been rushed … Continue reading

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How did it get to be Monday already? The only plans I have for the week are to get through it and not melt. It’s hot around here at the moment and yes, there are other places in the world … Continue reading

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Monday Morning and a plan for the week.

Happy Monday people! This weekend was quiet and I didn’t take any photos, so the recap of the weekend can be summed up as sleep, cleaning, minor frustration, knitting, more sleep, made a new friend (hi Janice aka Fit Foot!). … Continue reading

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In the company that I work for, each team is given a per head budget for team building and our team, or more to the point our team manager, makes sure that we use it. Over the last year, we’ve … Continue reading

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Survival mode

After months of suffering in the cold, dark wet, London has summer weather. So now we’re complaining about the hot, sweaty, sunny weather! We’re English, complaining about the weather is what we do… I did have a conversation last week … Continue reading

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