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What? Why? Grrr….

It’s been a pretty good week.  I went to the theatre, I went out for drinks, I got loads of work done. But… She’s doing it again.  Having a go at me about stuff that isn’t my fault. At various … Continue reading

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So I decided that for Grace cafe, I would make cake, lots of cake.  I love to bake but don’t often because I really shouldn’t eat cake. So I baked for Grace and they ate the cake.  I made, apple … Continue reading

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Mama told me there’d be days like this…

What a week. It’s been full of petty frustrations.  The thing about being able to do difficult things, is that people keep asking you to do them.  And no-one ever asks to to do the hard stuff when you are feeling … Continue reading

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So on Sunday night and Monday morning, there was proper snow in London.  Everything stopped working.  I did get into work.  Getting home was more interesting and on Tuesday, I gave up the fight and worked from home. I also … Continue reading

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