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The basis of so many things…

One of the things that cooking almost everyday has taught me is  shortcuts that suit my type of cooking and the food that I prefer. Because everybody has a style. Some people cook from scratch, some from packets, some just … Continue reading

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What I’ve Read – June

All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr (library ebook) I reserved this on my mother’s recommendation, and I wasn’t all that sure about it in the beginning but it stayed with me. The story of how things build and … Continue reading

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Food and Budget Update: 18/06 to 24/06/2016

SHOPPING  Another fairly standard shop, I can’t express how not up for shopping I was on Sunday afternoon and I really had to force myself to go and not stay and home and finish a book. Ok, yes I was … Continue reading

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Life Happened: Rain and Referendums

Monday started with the heavens opening, so the first day of summer was a wash-out.Also train issues have been plaguing my journeys to and from work. Not best. Anyway, I more or less staggered through the week. Spoke to my … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: What Comes Next

This is from Hamilton because that has been one of the few bright spots in a pretty terrible week. What Comes Next seems apt for this week. These lines in particular You’re on your own Awesome. Wow Do you have … Continue reading

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Ealing Dean Allotment Society Open Day

Today from 1pm the allotment gates will open to visitors! Entrance is free and you’ll be able to: Wander round the site and see what is growing – we’d love to know which is your favourite plot. See our heritage … Continue reading

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Friday Links

It’s not a happy Friday kind of day. It’s a ‘for crying out loud England, what the fuck have you done?’ kind of day. The vote has happened and we’ll have to live with the consequences, but I thought these were … Continue reading

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Barbecue Sauce

I’m not a person who makes their own ketchup. I know people who have, they are also the people who buy the really, really fancy tomato ketchup that’s about £2.50 a bottle and that is never going to be me … Continue reading

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On My Mind

This week my brain is taken up with the following things. The Hamilton Soundtrack. The first song I heard was ‘You’ll Be Back’ and without being told, I knew it was from Hamilton and I knew that it was supposed … Continue reading

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Food and Budget Update: 11/06 to 17/06/2016

SHOPPINGIt was a pretty usual shop for me this week, I had completely run out of sugar and olive oil. WHAT I ATE Pizza on Saturday with Gin and Tonic Cake with Rhubarb Compote for pudding.Sunday was this rice bowl … Continue reading

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