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What I’ve Read – July 2013

A Gambling Man – Jenny Uglow Fascinating and worth reading if you like history. I do feel that I need to know more but am resisting buying anymore books about the period.  I have a ton of history books to … Continue reading

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I love the shop at the Royal Festival Hall. This book seems appropriate for some (like me) who thinks London is the best city in the world and in spite of Boris Johnson’s best efforts to muck it up!

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Fridge clearance dinner

It’s fair to say that my eating over the past couple of weeks has been erratic. I’m mostly blaming the weather with a side of ‘really can’t be bothered’ and ‘don’t feel very well’. Dinner on Saturday night was about … Continue reading

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The Weekend and a sad thing

There were good things this weekend. The theatre, haircuts, shopping, time with friends, tiding up. It was a full weekend. All of it was overshadowed by the news late on Saturday night that Tina had died earlier in the day. … Continue reading

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First up on today’s task list was get hair cut and coloured. One task down…miles to go.

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Friday Night Cocktail

Satan’s Whiskers I suppose I should wait until Halloween to post this one but it’s good enough that I won’t. If you use Grand Marnier as your triple sec the whiskers are straight, use Cointreau and they’re curled.  Little things … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Light week for me this week, I’ve been busy and hot and all of the news has been about the royal baby and I’m not too interested in that… 1) Rent control, the idea that dare not speak its name. … Continue reading

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Survival mode

After months of suffering in the cold, dark wet, London has summer weather. So now we’re complaining about the hot, sweaty, sunny weather! We’re English, complaining about the weather is what we do… I did have a conversation last week … Continue reading

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Current favourite lunch

This is what I’m eating for lunch most days. It’s not so much a recipe more a guide.. It consists of sprouted lentils, roasted tomatoes, pepper, feta, basil and mint. It’s easy packs a big flavour punch with the tomatoes, … Continue reading

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This print from Samphire Bay . Because it would remind me of Northumberland…

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