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Monday Miscellany

Continuing the ‘this day in history’ theme I started last week, today 357 years ago, Charles II was crowned at Westminster Abbey, which is the perfect place to post this from Horrible Histories… After last week’s sunburn I have found … Continue reading

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Learning to love lipstick again

I used to wear lipstick all the time. Usually bright red, I always had it on. At some point it just became too much effort, I love how it looks when it’s perfect but I hate when it wears off … Continue reading

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New Year, New Skin Care Routine

I’ve talked about what I use on my face in this space for a while and January always seems like a good time to talk about it. Forty-something skin is no joke, winter always shows on my face and I … Continue reading

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Shopping Woes

Yes, I was just complaining about how difficult I find clothes shopping, but I’m more annoyed than I thought because my shoping issues have continued through the summer. I bought a top, I took it home and it just didn’t … Continue reading

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Clothes Shopping Sucks

I’m currently having a bad clothes month. This month all of my clothes are falling to bits. Working with a limited wardrobe is fine, I actually find it much easier, but when that limited wardrobe decides it’s had enough, it … Continue reading

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Skincare – What I’m Using

So one of the things that took a hit the last year was the amount of money I spent on skincare. Most of the spare money went on the allotment. So things have changed since the last time I wrote … Continue reading

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Food and Budget Update: 05/11 to 11/11/2016

Despite the higher budget spend, it didn’t feel like I did a good job this week. I think that’s because I’m in that migrainy phase of the month so I’m tired and food is an effort. I started the food … Continue reading

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