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Yesterday, I went into work and was told that my team was being rearranged and that we were all under threat of redundancy. Which was not the start to the week I was hoping for. I’ve been here before, it’s … Continue reading

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A walk

I had physio this morning (to help my poor creaky knees!) after the appointment, I got to Parsons Green to discover that the District Line was part suspended (I don’t know why, it’s more creaky than my knees!). So new … Continue reading

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Little things

Loads to do at work, I’ve been getting out of the house at 7am to get to work at 8am. It needs to be done but January mornings are dark and today wet. So when the train arrives and it’s … Continue reading

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Early mornings

I leave the house at 7.30am in the morning. At the moment it’s in the dark and all the street lights are still on, it’s pretty. Not pretty enough to stop me wishing for the summer but pretty enough I … Continue reading

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After the riots of this week, I’ve been hearing a lot about respect, parenting and the lack thereof. My Facebook feed has been full of people calling for the army, water cannons, rubber bullets to be used against what has … Continue reading

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Right now or lessons from my little brother…

As you can imagine, being sick, my job ending etc, etc. has left me in a bit of a slump. I have done things. I saw the last Harry Potter movie, I’ve made jam, I’ve applied for JSA and contacted … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith is missing the point

After Rowan Williams’ article in the New Statesman this week, there has been much comment and lots of govt ministers going on the radio talking about how wrong he was wrong etc. Iain Duncan Smith was on World At One … Continue reading

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