Monday Miscellany

Welcome to the last day of the month.

Today is the first day of National Gardening Week, I’m doing my usual allotmenting and volunteering at the plots on Saturday but very week seems to be gardening week for me!I was scanning photos last week and I love this one, taken by my Mum way back in the 80’s. I remember this day, we went for a picnic at Richmond Park, there was paddling. We don’t have that many pictures from when B and I were children and given that Ma couldn’t get Dad’s head in, you can tell why!

You know how last week, I said that now I’d bought summer clothes, I fully expected the weather to turn? It did, this weekend, I put the heating on. It’s my fault, sorry guys! And I’ve painted mine and Ma’s toenails too…We went to see the Avengers: Infinity War last week, I really enjoy Marvel films, but that one had a tough ending..

What did you do last week?




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