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Sunday Music: Hope the High Road – Jason Isbell and 400 Unit

I love Jason Isbell and I hate November. This song is everything I want in November I know you’re tired And you ain’t sleeping well Uninspired And likely mad as hell But wherever you are I hope the high road … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Ginger Shots

When I feel poorly, I stock up on these, not always the M&S version pictured, Pret and Sainsburys and probably other supermarkets sell something similar. Generally when I have a cold they make me feel better and when I have … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Disaster week

Happy Friday, I’m in Southampton again today because I’m an idiot and left my laptop there yesterday! And that was the least annoying thing about yesterday’s trip, I hope you had a better week.. What’s Happening in Florida Is a … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: November visit

After a week’s absence, the allotment was the beginning of my very busy Saturday.It’s looking very autumnal at the moment and Saturday was a very quick visit. We cleared up the Halloween stuff and cleared the nasturtiums that finally admitted … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Introvert’s nightmare

Saturday seemed to be an experiment to see how many parties one introvert could go to in a day without going mad. Three is too many. Especially when one of them is for 6 year olds… On Sunday I did … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Drink, Drink, Drink – Mario Lanza

Today is Remembrance Sunday and 100 years since the end of the First World War. So this is a very happy song for such a sad day. But when I think of war and soldiers, I think of my Grandad. … Continue reading

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Friday Links: On a Saturday….

I am late getting this up, it has been a week. Ma says I’m to apologise for my lateness, because she likes to read links on Friday! At least one person is reading it! Run: Why the public marriage proposal … Continue reading

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