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Changing my mood

I didn’t have a good start to the week. We had a 2.5 day heatwave in London on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. Now people who live in properly hot places probably wouldn’t think of the weather we’ve had as … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon..

On Sunday, Ma and I went to the Crematorium to ‘visit’ Grandad and his ‘plague’ (When my Grandad realised that he was dying, he gave Mum a letter with his wishes, the hymns he wanted at his funeral and so … Continue reading

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Home: Living Room Pictures

There’s a big white space above my sofa in the living room. Well there was.. I looked for a print but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I left it for a while. Then I had the idea of taking … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: The Age of Revolution – The Duckworth Lewis Method

It’s June, the sun finally came out and there’s cricket. I know nothing of cricket, I know that the Duckworth Lewis Method is the way cricket calculates who wins if rain stops play. The Duckworth Lewis Method is also Neil … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail – Raspberry-Ginger Fizz

I am training for a 10k (I may have mentioned it before!) As the lovely Jem pointed out…if I want to run the 10k in the time I’m aiming for I need to cut out the booze for a bit. … Continue reading

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The reason I love summer…

I’m English so I’m used to the rainy summers, I’ve adjusted to always having sunglasses and an umbrella with me wherever I go. Even so I love summer… It’s not because I can spend most of the hours I’m not … Continue reading

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The London Cocktail Society had a second evening at Sipsmith on Monday night and I got to go. I first heard about Sipsimith in 2009 when the guy Majestic tried really hard to sell me the vodka! After the hard … Continue reading

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Cooking: Leek, Anchovy and Goats Cheese Tart

If you have at any point come to my house for dinner mid week you will at some point have eaten a version of this tart. The original idea of using puff pastry like this came from Nigel Slater as … Continue reading

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History – Peninsula Wars and Waterloo

I’m grew up with a more than usually in depth knowledge of the Peninsula Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. Why? Many reasons. First. My mother was fairly keen so it was encouraged. Second. Georgette Heyer, she wrote so vividly … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail – Sloe Martini

Shocking as it seems, I know people that aren’t keen on gin martinis. In fact, some of them think martinis should be made with vodka and shaken (I blame James Bond)…the only thing you can do for those people is … Continue reading

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