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Changing my mood

I didn’t have a good start to the week. We had a 2.5 day heatwave in London on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. Now people who live in properly hot places probably wouldn’t think of the weather we’ve had as … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon..

On Sunday, Ma and I went to the Crematorium to ‘visit’ Grandad and his ‘plague’ (When my Grandad realised that he was dying, he gave Mum a letter with his wishes, the hymns he wanted at his funeral and so … Continue reading

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Living room wall..

There’s a big white space above my sofa in the living room. Well there was.. I looked for a print but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I left it for a while. Then I had the idea of taking … Continue reading

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I might have a problem…

With nail varnish…well the amount of nail varnish I have. This year in an attempt to grow my nails, I started to paint them, having a couple of coats of varnish seems to keep them together and reminds me to … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

It’s June, the sun finally came out and there’s cricket. I know nothing of cricket, I know that the Duckworth Lewis Method is the way cricket calculates who wins if rain stops play. The Duckworth Lewis Method is also Neil … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail (the sober version)

I am training for a 10k (I may have mentioned it before!) As the lovely Jem pointed out…if I want to run the 10k in the time I’m aiming for I need to cut out the booze for a bit. … Continue reading

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The reason I love summer…

I’m English so I’m used to the rainy summers, I’ve adjusted to always having sunglasses and an umbrella with me wherever I go. Even so I love summer… It’s not because I can spend most of the hours I’m not … Continue reading

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The return of my role model..

she’s back and she’s bringing the others. And really I don’t care that I’m in my 30’s, I’m rounding up my godkids and seeing this…

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The London Cocktail Society had a second evening at Sipsmith on Monday night and I got to go. I first heard about Sipsimith in 2009 when the guy Majestic tried really hard to sell me the vodka! After the hard … Continue reading

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Leek, Anchovy and Goats Cheese Tart

If you have at any point come to my house for dinner mid week you will at some point have eaten a version of this tart. The original idea of using puff pastry like this came from Nigel Slater as … Continue reading

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