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Things that occur to me when listening to the News

What is going on with the satellite link that the BBC use, the reporter in Afganistan sounded like she had a speech defect? General McCrystal  What kind of name is that?  Next up General Sparklehorse… Bobby Robson is dead Why … Continue reading

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Modern manners

From Mighty Girl ’nuff said..

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Grown up decisions

….are getting to be a habit ….are difficult ….are practical ….sometimes just have to be made This year I am not going to Greenbelt, I just can’t make it all fit.  I did try because I wanted to go but … Continue reading

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Party Cake

For Tina and Charles’ party this weekend, I was put on cake duty. Tina had a very clear idea of what she wanted, that was piles of cake.  So chocolate brownies, ginger cake and a raspberry cake with very pink … Continue reading

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This week…

I have not been… …making cake …trying to rescue my old hard drive …attending the Grace Greenbelt planning meeting …ironing I have been… …sleeping a lot …cleaning the bathroom …re-reading Hornblower – I’m now on Flying Colours …listening to and … Continue reading

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This morning, I found a spider in my bed. That is all….

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One of the great things about going to see Jo this year, was hanging out in the kitchen with Jo.  Jo is a great cook and on the last day of my holiday, Jo and I made roast dinner for … Continue reading

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Moving in/sorting out

Saturday was the day and I’m in the flat.  It’s good and I’m gradually getting it all in order and trying not to be too frustrated that I can’t get it all done right this minute.  I do want to … Continue reading

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