I didn’t do much this weekend…

When asked this morning what I got up to at the weekend, I said that I didn’t get up to much. Then I thought about it, so in bullet form, this is what I did on the weekend…

  • Went to bed at 8.30 on Friday night with a beer and a book
  • I weeded a massive bed of strawberries at the allotments on volunteer day
  • Started off the summer squash and cucumbers but ran out of pots and labels for the tomatoes
  • Did the food shopping
  • Did some food prep for the week (so much vegetable chopping!)
  • Drank gin and tonic with Ma
  • ‘invented’ a grey drink called the dishwater (we are probably never going to drink it again!)img_6111
  • took almost no photos
  • Made dinner and breakfast for Ma and meimg_6110
  • Got caught in the rain a couple of times
  • Finally picked up my dry cleaning
  • Paid for the allotment for this year (I still don’t have my contract back from them yet, and as a side note, if they can’t do that efficiently do we really think they’ll be able to build and manage a new development!)
  • Got a bit down about how long it is going to take me to get a shed on the allotment
  • but managed to frighten Ma with my wild plans for the plot
  • Moisturised my poorly hand, which is healing up quite nicely now, although I do think I’ll be rocking a scar for a while!

It didn’t feel like I’d accomplished anything until I wrote it down, although in the spirit of focussing on the positive, I’m not going to write about the things I didn’t do!

How did last week go for you?

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