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Friday Night Cocktail

Each week, Class Magazine has a great list of what to drink based on what’s day it is! One of the suggestions was from The Savoy Cocktail Book, which I owe and it’s shamefully under used for FNC. Flicking through it, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Friday. My day consists of company meeting this morning and family time with Oli and Ma this afternoon and evening.  We are going to make pizza and probably play with trains and trucks! 1) On creativity and content. … Continue reading

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Eight Years

No word today. It’s the 29th. Eight years. Still miss him. The godchildren and I are going to spend the afternoon together and then Michael and I are going to have a martini.

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Doing something useful

As I may have mentioned about a million times before, I am opposed to Christmas starting too early. However, I am thinking about Christmas, what presents I’m buying/making and for who, what food, what I need to do to make … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rolls

Last Tuesday I noticed that the use by date on the milk was that day. So I made cinnamon roll dough from here. I like this dough, it’s easy to work with, quick doesn’t have 100 ingredients. It’s also really … Continue reading

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The Weekend

On Friday I worked from home. This was great because it meant that on Friday night I got a head start on making Oli’s birthday cake with the specified Mickey Mouse theme. Making cakes are fine but I really suck … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

My gym buddy at work, Claire is also much younger than me (younger than my oldest godson) and she went to see the Rizzle Kicks last weekend, she was very excited. I didn’t know what she was talking about. So … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

The cold season is upon us. I’ve had it, most of the team at work has had it. With the Christmas season beginning to gear up I wanted this week’s FNC to be slightly festive but also feel like it … Continue reading

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Random Links to stuff I found interesting this week. First a warning, some of these links are about Gaza. Thankfully there is (well at least at the time I set this up to post!) a ceasefire.  Regardless, everyone has a … Continue reading

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Oliver James…

Today is Oli’s third birthday. It’s hard to believe that this small boy has only been a member of our family for three years, it seems like he was always here and no time at all. Which I guess is … Continue reading

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