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Monday Miscellany: Reality Bites

Happy Monday! Last week was back to work, with a small twist, that twist being a Tuesday morning LFT with a very faint positive. I had a sore throat and was very tired (but that could be any day of … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: The Monarch Song Horrible Histories

Next week is the Jubilee and it feels like everything is covered in cunting bunting, I’m still a republican.. It’s all ridiculous so here is a silly song..

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Friday Links:

Happy Friday! I’m almost at the point where I have nothing to say. The news is terrible, you know people die all the time but children shouldn’t be killed because men love guns. I feel at this point the world … Continue reading

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Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

I’ve been using Oddbox for about a year now. I’ve settled into a small veg box and a fruit booster very other week and it’s been useful for making sure I get a lot of veg. I may stop the … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Tomatoes are in the ground

Actually it’s more like some of the tomatoes are in the ground. Last week, London got up to 27C and while some of the tomatoes did well, some didn’t. It could be that they didn’t have enough water or that … Continue reading

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Seaton Delaval Hall

I’ve been saying that we should visit Seaton Delaval Hall for ages and I finally got Ma to agree as the 40-ish minute bus ride from Newcastle seemed like a better prospect than the drive from Amble did last year. … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Post Holiday Blues

Happy Monday! We had a fabulous couple of days in Newcastle, it is my favourite UK city after London and the only one I’d contemplate living in full time if I didn’t already live in London. (Although I would also … Continue reading

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Friday Links: A break from the news

Happy Friday! I’m back from holiday and had a lovely time, links below… Want to know why food prices won’t go down any time soon? Ask a farmer The most versatile flower in your garden? Meet the California poppy. Once … Continue reading

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Recommended: Riley’s Fish Shack

On Tuesday, we went to Tynemouth. We visited the Priory and then walked to King Edward’s Bay to have lunch at Riley’s Fish Shack. We didn’t book, but they were happy to set us up with two deckchairs, a table … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Swarms and a full polytunnel

This week, I was on a mission. There were a couple of things I felt had to be done; get all the plants in the living room into the polytunnel and work out how many I have and where they … Continue reading

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