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It was my uncle’s birthday on Monday, on Sunday, everyone descended on the garden to eat, drink and of course help Ian celebrate his birthday.

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What makes the perfect martini?? There are various schools of thought on this and I’m not going to be a hater.  But for me it has to be gin, and for preference, Plymouth, Hendricks or Martin Miller.  Never Gordons and … Continue reading

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My brain needs a holiday

Since the beginning of the month, instead of being a deputy team manager, I have been a team manager for half the week and a deputy team manager for the other half.  The other deputy team manager (Sabrina) has been … Continue reading

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Great time was had.. labyrinth For better photos go here The labyrinth is up and running until the grass is cut (though no candles!) and there’s a ‘how to’ poster just next to it, if you think it might be … Continue reading

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Female Bishops

Hurrah, I can’t think that God would want it any other way…but I am sad to see the fighting and anger that this has provoked. I really struggle to understand why it’s important that the person standing on the altar … Continue reading

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Despite the weather, we went to the Crem yesterday and found that Grandad’s rosebush had produced some roses.  As we have never seen it flower before, it made us very happy.. Bloom

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Psycho Buildings

Jillian and I went on Saturday.  It’s a great exhibit and worth a look. My only moan is that they closed the top of Air-Port-City because of the rain..

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